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Ways To Heal During Grief and Loss

How To Heal After the Loss of A Loved One

Healing is a journey that can be individual to each person.

For some, it may involve connecting with the person you have lost in a very different way than another. A great way to start your healing process is through the practice of giving yourself time. Give yourself the gift of time and space to feel and explore feelings versus blocking your feelings.

Common symptoms that people experience after loss:

  • Negative thoughts.
  • Feeling on edge or overly stressed.
  • Struggling to manage your mood.
  • Problems focusing and concentrating.
  • Up and down changes in mood. 

Common causes of grief:

  • Loss of a friend 
  • Loss of a dream.
  • Loss of a beloved pet.
  • Loss of a job or career opportunity.

How long is the grief? 

The grief process doesn’t have a timetable. It is dependent on the person and how they journey through it. Counseling can help people understand what is healthy versus unhealthy during the grief and loss process. Counseling can also work to give people a safe space to heal, recover, and develop healthy ways to mourn and move forward in life. For a supportive listen on mental health awareness click here.

Explore How Counseling Can Help With Grief and Loss

Ways To Heal During Grief and Loss