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The Guide To A Lasting Relationship

Build Love In Your Marriage

When it comes to building love in your marriage what do you do?

Do you take time to check in with your partner?

Do you spend time together or engage in experiences?

Healthy relationships have a unique blueprint. Two people coming together to consistently show up. Below are 3 ways that you can build love in your relationship.

Start building love in your relationship.


1. Create a purpose for your relationship to build love in your relationship.


Without a purpose in your relationship, you’ll likely find yourself disconnected from your partner. You may even notice that both are living separate lives.


The purpose gives you spaces to come together, overcome relationship challenges, and find space each day to improve the relationship. You can start by focusing on the questions below:


  • What is the purpose of the relationship?
  • What are the values in the relationship?
  • What goals do I hope to accomplish in this relationship?


If you think about your job or education, you’ll more than likely identify a purpose. For instance, a student that goes to college may develop purpose around their studies. The purpose can include the following. Going to college to achieve the status of an attorney allows space to help others.


Utilizing this mindset gives you the opportunity to develop a sense of purpose in your relationship.


2. Spend quality time together to build love in your relationship.


There is a difference between quality time and standard time together. Most couples to some degree spend time together doing activities such as watching television, having dinner, or talking while hanging out in the kitchen.


Though these are examples of spending time together, it is vital to ensure that there is purposeful quality time spent together.


When couples spend quality time together, they feel closer together, valued, and receive a sense of nourishment in the relationship. To spend purposeful quality time together, try to understand why you are spending time together.


Consider what you would like to achieve during the time geotherm. Explore how the time together can improve the relationship.

3. Practice forgiveness to build love in your relationship.


Imagine living your life with a 50lb chain that you are to constantly drag everywhere you go. The weight of the chains creates physical pain. The weight of the chains imposes an emotional burden and pain that feels heavier each day. To remove it, you try to lash out at others or to direct the attention of the pain at others. Yet, each day you remain bound to the heavyweight.


This is the agreement that comes with the lack of forgiveness.


When we struggle to forgive there is an internal shift that takes place. The shift tends to cause a person to build resentment.


Please know that I am not sharing that forgiveness is easy.


Forgiveness is beyond a doubt challenging.


It can be helpful to know that Forgiveness is not forgetting.


Forgiveness is not accepting the person back into your life.


Forgiveness is not brushing it under the rug.


Forgiveness is difficult.


Forgiveness is a journey and not a sprint.


Forgiveness is a generous gift that you give yourself. It is a form of self-love where you free yourself from the heavyweight.


Giving yourself forgiveness in your relationship directly frees you to build love and improvement in the relationship.


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