You care about your relationship and want to make things work. Even the best relationships need care and attention. But, sometimes we find ourselves stuck in a cycle of conflict or disconnection with our partner that we can’t seem to find a way out of.

We try and try to fix things with our partner and yet we keep finding ourselves stuck and this can be so painful and frustrating for us (and the people we love)!

It is so hard when we want to be closer to our partner but none of our efforts seem to be working. And it can be even harder when it feels like our partner has stopped trying to make things better. Sometimes this goes on for so long that we don’t know if our relationship will ever get better, and we may wonder if its even worth saving. We may start losing hope and becoming discouraged.

As experienced marriage counselors we have worked with hundreds of such well-intentioned couples who simply get stuck and are looking for help. We know what you are going through and we know how to help. Couples counseling is effective for even the most challenging relationships.

Learn How Relationship Counseling Can Help Couples Who Seek Marriage Counseling Or Couples Therapy. Learn How The 131 Relationship Questions Bring You Closer Together And Improve Your Relationship.

Couples counseling is a safe and non-judgmental space to develop strategies that can improve your relationship. You are provided with exercises aimed to help you overcome relationship challenges and meet your relationship goals. 

If you are not certain, please list what you feel would be the most important primary service to start with. The intake coordinator will support you during the scheduling process.
Please check multiple age boxes if needed. Please only add information you are comfortable sharing. This is not a HIPAA compliant form. The completion of the form does not establish a counselor and client relationship. ​If you're experiencing a crisis that can't wait, please first contact 911 or go directly to your nearest emergency department.

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Premarital Counseling

learn how to heal after an affair with counseling from santos counseling a greensboro counseling practice offering online counseling and in office therapy

Heal From Infidelity

learn how relationship counseling can help you resolve conflict, improve communication, and build a healthy marriage by working with Santos Counseling in office or online therapy available

Resolve Conflict & Improve Communication

Finding a compatible therapist is important.  In order to offer something here and now… I made you a video about our therapy approach for helping couples heal. 

It's Not Too Late To Try.

Couples Counseling Can Help

Whatever problems you are facing, whichever areas you want to grow in, couples counseling can help you find solutions and achieve happiness together.

We are listed as the top 3 best marriage counselors in Greensboro. Research shows that one of the biggest mistakes a couple can make is waiting too long before seeking counseling. Don’t wait anymore – it’s not too late! We can help you become each other’s dream partner again, just like the many, many newly happy-again couples we help every year.

It is amazing how many couples think their relationship is too lost to be saved, only to discover that after couples therapy they are happier and closer in their marriage than they have ever been before.

Marriage counseling really does work!

A Couple Celebrating Effective Relationship Counseling In Greensboro At Santos Counseling

Worried your marriage is too stuck to be saved? Don’t think your spouse or partner is willing to give it a try? Afraid you won’t find the right marriage counselor who is expert enough to help? Tried marriage counseling in the past and it wasn’t as helpful as you hoped? Or maybe you have a spouse who is so closed off that you fear couples therapy won’t be helpful?

We get these questions all the time. In fact, these are exactly the kinds of marriages we help save every year. Marriage counseling really is for all kinds of situations – even when marriage feels hopeless to save. We have seen it all and we know how to help. Whatever you are dealing with today, let us help you work through it so you can have a more peaceful, loving relationship.

It's Not Too Late To Try.

Online Couples Counseling Can Help

Our office provides counseling online, also called teletherapy for couples. The online counseling sessions work in a very similar way to face to face couples counseling. During the online counseling session, couples are able to work with a counselor with a focus on improving the relationship. Online counseling sessions provide couples with appointment reminders that come with a secure link giving them access to a private and secure platform.

Common couples that seek counseling desire:

  • Healthy communication.
  • Ability to problem-solve with respect and commitment.
  • Build trust and emotional connection.
  • Feel desired and supported.