Juan Santos has over 10 years of experience teaching to individuals and organizations the fundamentals of mental health self-care practices. He is the CEO of Santos Counseling PLLC a private mental health practice focused on moving the Greensboro community forward. He is a native of the Dominican Republic and holds a deep passion for helping individuals unlock their own potential to foster a healthy level of mental wellness. Mr. Santos uses an integrative approach that encourages listeners to rethink their approach to self-care and mental health. 

Mr. Santos specializes in speaking on workplace stress management and mental wellness.

Juan has worked with clients ranging from the individual level to large groups. Common clients include clinical clients, schools, small businesses, leadership organizations, and corporations. He is a licensed professional counselor, coach, speaker, and book author. Juan teaches topics focused on cultivating inner healing, developing self-care in the workplace, and emotional intelligence. 

His work has been featured on tv, radio, podcast, conferences, and other locations. Mr. Santos also provides his signature programs for community organizations, schools, corporations, and other settings.

Juan Santos Greensboro Therapist at Santos Counseling Near Greensboro, NC


Speaker For Relationship Conference. Professional Speaker For Corporations For Relationship, Marriage, And Mindset.

Signature Topics For Self-Care & Mental Wellness

  • Self-Care And Mental Health At Work
  • Rethinking Work and Life Balance: Using Creative Tools
  • Mindfulness for Performance and Mental Wellness  

Opportunities To Work With Juan

Juan is a sought-after public speaker. He has been featured in magazines, podcasts, blogs, radio, and TV with a focus on mental health topics. Mr. Santos is available to speak on workplace stress management and mental wellness. Topics can help corporations, churches, non-profits, and community agencies.  

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Conference Speaker For Marriage, Relationship, And Life In The Area. Professional Speaker For Mental Health, Wellness, ANd Mindset.