Need Help With Your Immigration Evaluation?

Welcome to Santos Counseling PLLC, we love that you are here and interested in receiving support with your immigration case.

Our office has worked with immigration attorneys in North Carolina as well as across the U.S in supporting varying immigration cases that include but not limited to Extreme Hardship, VAWA, U Visa, and Cancellation of Removal. 

The process to get started is simple. Below are counselors in the practice that can help with conducting and writing your immigration evaluation. Our counselors work closely with immigration attorneys to ensure that we are as a team doing our best to support you.

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Counselors That Can Help With Immigration Evaluations

Juan Santos Greensboro Therapist at Santos Counseling Near Greensboro, NC

Juan is bilingual, fluent in English and Spanish. He has years of experience working with cases that include: U Visa, VAWA, Cancellation of Removal, Waivers, Hardship Waivers, and more. Follow the link below to schedule with Juan.

Melissa Greensboro Therapist & ESA Letter specialist at Santos Counseling Near Greensboro, NC

Melissa loves helping individuals and families with their immigration evaluations. She has experience with: U Visa, VAWA, Cancellation of Removal, Waivers, Hardship Waivers, and more. To make an appointment with Melissa please use the link below.

Understanding What An Immigration Evaluation Is

An immigration evaluation is a clinical document provided by a licensed mental health professional. The evaluation is focused on the specific immigration case that the client is seeking. Examples of immigration cases include the following:

  • Cancellation of Removal
  • U Visa
  • VAWA
  • Extreme Hardship
  • Waivers

Your counselor will take time to provide clear direction on every step of the session. During the course of the sessions, the counselor will document key information, providing if applicable test, engage in research, and work closely with your attorney. The counselor uses the information found to write a lengthy effectively written evaluation which is provided to the client and if needed can be given to the attorney.

The counselor’s role in writing and conducting the evaluation is natural and professional. This is a professional and ethical foundation that guides the work of the counselor. What this means in average joe terms is that the counselor will be neutral, unbiased, and write the evaluation based on the information found in the session. 


– We work with local attorneys –

Immigration Counseling (also known as Immigration Mental Health Evaluations or Psychological Evaluations) can be helpful to individuals or family members who are experiencing hardship due to immigration conflict. Hardships can include depression, anxiety, worry, panic attacks, uncontrolled crying, and family strain in the areas of support, education, and finance. Our office works with individuals and families experiencing immigration related difficulties through waivers, provisional waivers, cancellation removals, persons needing mental health evaluations, U Visas, Violence Against Women Act, extreme hardship, and asylums.


If you feel that you may be experiencing hardship or mental stress please feel free to contact me.

  • Immigration Waivers – For more information on Immigration Waivers click here

  • Immigration Provisional Waivers – For more information on Immigration Waivers click here

  • Immigration Cancellation of Removal – For more information on Immigration Waivers click here

  • Visa U Mental Health Evaluations –  For more information on Visa U click here

  • Our immigration services focus on Visa U (U Visas), Extreme Hardship, Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), and Asylum in addition to aiding individuals and families with their immigration needs.
  • Diagnosisas your therapist I can provide you with a professional and ethical diagnosis.


Immigration counseling services can be received at our Greensboro location. Please give us a call at 336-663-6570 to schedule your first appointment


Consejería de inmigración/deportación es muy útil para las personas o familiares que están experimentando dificultades debido al conflicto de la inmigración. Las dificultades pueden incluir depresión, ansiedad, preocupación, ataques de pánico, llanto incontrolado y tensión familiar en las áreas de apoyo, educación y finanzas. Si se siente usted puede estar experimentando dificultades o estrés mental por favor no dude en contactarme.

  • Visa U Evaluaciones de Salud Mental – para mas informacion de Visa U haga click aquí

  • Inmigración exenciones provisionales – Para obtener más información sobre la inmigración  haga click aquí
  • Linmigración Cancelación de extracción – Para obtener más información sobre la inmigración haga click aquí
  • Inmigración exenciones – para mas informacion de Inmigración exenciones haga click aquí

  • Nuestros servicios de inmigracion se centran en la Visa U (Visa U) y dificultad extrema, la violencia de las mujeres act (VAWA), y asilo, ademas de ayudar a las personas y familias con sus necesidades de inmigracion.

  • La identificacion de diagnostico como su terapeuta que le puede proporcionar un diagnostico profesional y etica. Llame para su cita.

Por favor llame a 336-663-6570 dan para hacer su primera cita.



What Takes Place in The Immigration Evaluation Session

Counselors at Santos Counseling PLLC specialize in helping individuals and families with waivers. The waiver evaluation focuses on identifying how the process is and may impact the client navigating the legal case. The counselor works closely with the attorney in order to identify any details that can be supportive to the evaluation process. Depending on what is taking place, the client can expect to mental health assessments. The assessment work to provide additional information that can be utilized in the immigration evaluation.

On average the evaluations can range between 10 to 30 pages. The length of the evaluation is connected to the information in the sessions and work that takes place with the attorney. Counselors at Santos Counseling PLLC hold years of experience understanding key aspects of immigration cases.

Each case and individual is handled uniquely with the goal of providing the most effective and clinically sound service.

Is the evaluation the same as counseling?

Counseling and Psychotherapy are not the same service as an evaluation. The service of writing an evaluation is focused on the clinician providing a neutral unbiased professional service aimed at identifying a professional opinion based on the information found. Evaluations do not focus on treatment as would the service of counseling. Counselors at Santos Counseling PLLC will take time to identify and share recommendations found in order provide supportive referrals post the evaluation service.

Is the immigration evaluation covered by insurance?

Counselors at Santos Counseling PLLC do not take insurance due to the nature of the service. Extensive hours take place in the service of writing the immigration evaluation, time is spent working the attorney, and time is spent researching and identifying appropriate assessments. Counselors at Santos Counseling PLLC will take time to provide education on fees and support as much as possible.

Is the immigration evaluation the same as a testimony?

The immigration evaluation is focused on a physical report which differs from a verbal testimony that may be requested. Not all cases require the counselor to attend court and provide testimony. Typically, the immigration attorney handling the case is able to provide further detail on the need for testimony in court. Counselors at Santos Counseling PLLC can provide support with both of the services. It is important to know that fees differ for each. Please speak to your counselor if you should need support with a testimony.