Individual Counseling

You are here because you are ready for the next step. Our Greensboro counselors work with people that are experiencing a life transition, recover from grief, overcome Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, and learn how to build a healthy relationship with themselves and others. We also offer ESA Letters, Counseling for caregivers, Divorce Counseling. Give us a call, let’s see if we are a good fit.

Family Counseling

Our Greensboro counselors work hard to help families heal and unite when life is challenging. We offer family counseling for blended families, counseling for families experiencing conflict, family counseling for divorce, co-parenting counseling, and family counseling for special needs. Therapy can help families heal and receive support for conflict, ADHD, Autism, suicidal thoughts, mood disorders such as anxiety, bipolar disorder, and depression.

Healing and Improving Relationships

We work with serious couples that want to make their relationship work.  Couples reach out to us when they are feeling emotionally distant, contemplating separation, in affair recovery, and those with a desire to be in a healthy successful relationship. Let us help you heal after infidelity, address communication issues, and resolve conflict. Our counselors focus on marriage counseling, premarital counseling, therapy for conflict resolution, healing after an affair.





6 Holistic Ways To Reduce Stress And How Counseling Can Help

6 Holistic Ways To Reduce Stress And How Counseling Can Help   1. Use music to lower stress. I want you to think about a song that truly impacts your mood. Music is a powerful tool that supports mental health recovery and growth. A wonderful and creative way to reduce stress is by using music. [...]

What To Avoid Saying to Your Child

What To Avoid Saying to Your Child   The purpose of this reading is to simply share with you words that tend to hurt kids. I know that you are reading this because you love and care about your child. You want your hold to grow into their best version. Part of growing into a [...]

4 Couples Counseling Exercises For Infidelity To Do

Couples Exercises For Infidelity To Practice Sometimes the best place to start working on healing after an affair is with a deep breath. Inhale for four seconds. Exhale for four seconds. Remember, that this too will pass. That the way you are feeling right now we will persist. You will move forward. You will grow, [...]

4 Ways To Cope With The Winter Blues

Coping With The Winter Blues From November to sometime in late February, some of us experience what is called the winter blues. Based on the name, you would think it’s a song found in a jazz album. Maybe it is. I’m not sure. During the cooler months there is: Less sunlight. Shorter days. Colder weather. [...]

Marriage Counseling Near Me

Marriage Counselor Near Me Are you searching for a marriage counselor near you? Couples seek marriage counseling for different reasons. Some want to learn how to continue to have a wonderful and satisfying relationship. Others are experiencing challenges and desire to learn how to come together while overcoming difficulties. Common reasons couple search for a [...]

Are You Searching For A Grief Counselor?

Are you searching for a grief counselor? If so, you are in the right place. Our office has counselors that hold a deep understanding of what takes place in the mind and body during the grief process. You may notice that during grief, you experience tiredness, low energy, or a decline in motivation. The activities [...]



Paying For Counseling

Counseling payments and insurance can be difficult to understand. Each clinician at Santos Counseling has their own policy for which insurance they accept or do not accept. We encourage you to contact the counselor that you wish to work or check with your insurance company prior to your first session to discuss payment. To help with the process please feel free to call our office and we will walk you through the process.

The Right Counselor For Me

Finding the right counselor is important. We want to help you find the very best counselor that fits your needs at Santos Counseling PLLC. Take time to visit the team page or contact one of the counselors. During your contact explore questions and share what you are looking for in a counselor. At the end of the day, it is your choice and we want to help.

Online Therapy

Our office offers online therapy to anyone in North Carolina. Online counseling helps you continue to work on building happiness, addressing issues, and moving forward in life. Online therapy sessions are offered using a secured and private software. Visiting a counselor’s office can be challenging, our office is here to help you move forward in life with online therapy. Online therapy gives you access to your counselor while being at home, traveling, or in your comfort space.



(Counselor) is very good at making someone feel comfortable. It is evident in his combination of professionalism, and care that he is motivated to help you meet your goals and get better.


Santos Counseling is wonderful. (Counselor) is the type of counselor that can relate to all ages. I have been to other counselors and he is by far the best in the Greensboro area.


(Counselor) is a very knowledgeable and talented therapist. He is very respectful, and he also makes you comfortable during sessions. He helps me navigate my thoughts and emotions, and equipped me with "tools" I need to rationalize my thought process. I always recommend him to anyone I know who is looking for a skilled, knowledgeable therapist. Sessions with him were the best investment in my emotional/mental well-being. I'm definitely coming back to him should I ever need help.


“(My counselor) was a great listener and helped me find ways to address my issues. I felt supported and honestly can't wait until our next session!!!


  “I felt comfortable from the first session. (My Counselor) was approachable and accessible. It was easy for me to open up right away. I'm happy that I choose to work with Santos Counseling and I'll certainly refer my friends."