LGBTQ and BIPOC Counseling

Santos Counseling PLLC is proud to continue to be known in Greensboro, North Carolina as a counseling practice that provides warmth, respect, and compassionate support for the LGBTQ and BIPOC community. Our counselors hold diverse training and life experiences that can support you with difficulties that you encounter.

At Santos Counseling PLLC our counselors strive to understand the different identities and cultures of the LGBTQAI community.

Our aim is to help and welcome all people as they search for therapeutic ways to navigate difficulties in life.

What is LGBTQ Affirming Counseling?

Affirming counseling means that we honor you, respect what you bring to the counseling session, and approach therapy in a manner that embraces a positive and healthy view. As counselors, we actively work to gain education and awareness in clinical evidence practices connected to minority identities surrounding gender expression, sexuality, gender identity, and more.

LGBTQ Individual Counseling

Individual counseling can focus on the difficulty you are experiencing or to achieve a set goal that you have in mind. Our counselors are experienced in supporting youth and adults with self-confidence, affirming identity, navigating cultural difficulties, and exploring their own paths in life. Click here to learn more.

LGBTQ Family Therapy

Family counseling can look a little different depending on your needs. Our office helps families come together and discuss topics connected to LGBTQ in a healthy, respectful, and connected manner. Our goal is to provide you with a safe space that can lead to the relationships you value lasting and striving.

We help parents build a healthy and loving relationship with their children by taking time to provide education and awareness connected to the LGBTQ community.  

If you are not certain, please list what you feel would be the most important primary service to start with. The intake coordinator will support you during the scheduling process.
Please check multiple age boxes if needed. Please only add information you are comfortable sharing. This is not a HIPAA compliant form. The completion of the form does not establish a counselor and client relationship. ​If you're experiencing a crisis that can't wait, please first contact 911 or go directly to your nearest emergency department.

Understanding LGBTQ and Mental Health Research

As a counseling practice, we continue to review and utilize research focused on mental health and LGBTQ. Key items include:


Please know that the items above are only a few that show the difficulties experienced. As such, we as a counseling practice strongly encourage those reading to continue to build awareness and integrity.


Actions that we we can all do to support:

  • Practice empathy in its core form.
  • Learn and show up with curiosity versus judgment.
  • Practice respect and kindness.
  • Be a leader in your community.

Immerse yourself in space in order to build further understanding and awareness.