Welcome to Santos Counseling PLLC

Our Philosophy

We believe in you, in your journey, and in creating a warm and safe therapeutic space for you to achieve transformation healing, and growth. We understand that change is often not easy, it is a task that requires love and strength.

Our practice has a team of diverse and experienced counselors who are ready to walk with you in your individualized experience. We will work with you to identify the difficulties and create a clear individualized plan to help you meet your goals.


Our vision

A diverse therapeutic space where people feel empowered as they move forward in their journey of mental wellness.

Our Story

Santos Counseling PLLC is a family-owned outpatient mental health practice serving the Greensboro, NC community since 2014. The practice was started by Dr. Juan Santos and his wife, Elizabeth Santos with the mission to create a diverse practice that provides clinically sound and multi-specialty treatment to persons in the community.

Santos Counseling PLLC strives to be the leader in providing quality research-based counseling. The counseling practice is committed to empowering people in maximizing their strengths toward achieving personal goals through culturally appropriate services. Santos Counseling PLC fosters equality, diversity, safety, and innovation

We Are Honored To Be Your Counselors

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Amber Bliss NCC, LCMHC-A


  • Counseling for kids and teens.
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder.
  • ADHD.
  • Play Therapy.
Juan Santos Greensboro Therapist at Santos Counseling Near Greensboro, NC

Dr. Juan Santos Ph.D., LCMHC


  • Couples counseling.
  • Life transitions.
  • Mood disorders.
  • Immigration evaluations.
Melissa Greensboro Therapist & ESA Letter specialist at Santos Counseling Near Greensboro, NC

Melissa Faison M.S., LCMHC-A


  • Sex therapy.
  • Relationship counseling.
  • Trauma counseling.
  • LGBTQ+
  • ESA Letters
Counselor In Greensboro For Couples, Anxious People, Helping With Depression, And Counseling For Caretakers.

Kate Sprinkle M.S., LCMHC-A


  • Life transitions.
  • Relationship counseling.
  • Life after divorce.
  • Family counseling.
  • ESA Letters
Greensboro Counselor For Trauma and Couples.

Alex Arzuaga M.S., LCMHC-A


  • Complex trauma.
  • Relationship counseling.
  • First responders.
  • Military vets.
Greensboro Counselor For Anxiety, Trauma, And Couples Counseling.

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