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Do you love someone who is gone?
Have you lost the thing you thought defined you?
Were there dreams and plans that never materialized?

There are many kinds of losses:

  • Death
  • Miscarriage
  • Divorce
  • Infertility
  • Loss of confidence
  • Loss of innocence

Healing When Someone Dies

When we lose something important to us, we feel grief. Sometimes the losses are so sudden or unthinkable, we feel traumatized. I specialize in traumatic grief counseling.

Because everyone loves differently, everyone grieves differently. There is no right way.  But grief can be so powerful you need help navigating through it.

You may feel shocked, or confused. You may feel sadness, anger, loneliness, or shakiness during the process of grief. Then there may be times when you laugh honestly and openly. All of this is normal.

At times unanswered questions, and feelings of guilt, or disorientation can feel overwhelming. Very sudden or violent deaths bring complicated layers of feelings.

We can provide you with strategies to manage the intensity of these emotions so that you can move through the process of mourning and still live your life.

There is often a spiritual awareness when someone dies and we are happy to incorporate your own faith into the therapy.  So many things change when someone dies. It is nice to have greater comforts at hand. Start counseling today.

Person Sitting Peacefully After Grief Counseling & Therapy For Trauma In Greensboro

Counselors that can help

Going Forward When Losses are Old

When children experience death, hard divorces, or other losses, they usually develop ways to cope and continue to grow.  But, later in adulthood, a new event can awaken those old losses. You may find you are grieving for both, and this is a good time for therapy. You will need new, adult coping strategies because the ones that worked for you when you were younger may not work for you now that you have adult relationships. Listen to a supportive podcast episode on mental health awareness.

For more supportive resources on grief and trauma following the links below:

Grief does lessen over time.  It also has a circular quality.  Anniversaries, holidays, and seasonal markers can reawaken sorrow.  Therapy can help during these times as well.

Let us help you honor the love you feel, and let go of the pain.

Try Online Counseling 

Our office provides counseling online, also called teletherapy. The online counseling sessions work in a very similar way to face-to-face counseling sessions. During the online counseling session, you are able to work with a counselor with a focus on improving life and addressing challenges. Online counseling sessions provide you with appointment reminders that come with a secure link giving them access to a private and secure platform.

Common people that seek counseling desire:

  • Direction and purpose in life.
  • Ability manages anxiety.
  • Learn how to reduce bad thoughts.
  • Build confidence.
  • Feel empowered and emotionally stable.
  • Understand how to manage emotional challenges.

Ways To Heal During Grief and Loss

Why We Love What We Do

Therapy Makes A Big Difference

It is a privilege to help people who are striving for a more joyful life. Watching the pieces fall into place for lasting happiness makes me love what I do.

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