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3 Ways To Heal During Grief and Loss

Ways To Heal During Grief and Loss

Grief and loss, it’s complicated process, and it is unique to each individual. There is so much connected to grief and loss. I want to provide some guidance that is useful and effective on your journey. It does take time, and we are all different in a beautiful way.

3 Ways To Heal During Grief and Loss

1. Write A Letter

First, write a letter to the person and share your thoughts and feelings. We feel like that person is not there anymore. We can’t physically connect and speak with that individual any longer. So it’s time to get some things off your chest. There are probably some things that you want to say to that person through writing. Get a journal and write to them. Be able to share what you did today. Allow their essence to be inside of you. A lot of feelings, tears, and emotions are going to be alive through this. Allow the grief and healing process to be your own.

2. Give Yourself Space

After writing a letter to the individual, then find time to feel. Give yourself space. The process of grief takes time. It can become problematic for us if it becomes consuming. If we are consumed with thoughts all day long, it won’t be easy to function. Give yourself time and feel connected with that individual. For example, you can give yourself one hour a week to think and spend time with that individual. When the hour is coming to a close, show gratitude to the individual and yourself. Once you exit there, it’s time to transition back into life as a worker, partner, or friend. The transition back into all the roles that you play in life. It’s not an easy transition. You will still feel, that’s what the heart does; it feels.

3. Do The Things You Love

Make sure that you’re okay. The healing process is when we lose someone. When that happens, life can shatter. Your habits can completely change. When the moment happens, you don’t feel like doing the things you loved, like writing, going to the gym, and cooking. The interest is no longer there because of the way that you’re feeling. Take a step back and hug yourself. The activities that you used to do are things that you need to keep doing. Those activities are what give you life and allow you to practice the other ones.

Grief and healing is long journey. Trust that you are going to be okay. There are going to be up and downs like a rollercoaster. Some days you will be strong and present. While on the other days, you will struggle. You don’t have to show up every single day. It’s important to give yourself space to heal and practice self-care.

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