VAWA Immigration Psychological Evaluations

The VAWA is an immigration visa that focuses on supporting immigrant persons who have been a victim of abuse, trauma, or related crime.

VAWA stands for Violence Against Women Act. it is connected to the immigration reform act of 1990.

The person applying for the VAWA is a non-citizen and the spouse of a legal permanent resident or U.S. citizen. The applicant for the VAWA immigration visa has suffered battery or trauma.

You May Qualify For The VAWA If:

  • You have experienced trauma or abuse.
  • You are the spouse of a legal permanent resident or U.S. citizen who abuses or inflicts harm.
  • You have cooperated with the authorities and law enforcement. Such as answering questions with the authorities and following up when needed.
  • You have suffered mental or physical abuse.
  • For more qualifications on the VAWA please click here.


The Violence Against Women Act serves to protect spouses and children who have experienced suffering. A common example of a VAWA immigration case is seen in the example below.

Sarah started working with an immigration attorney and immigration mental health counselor. Sarah shared with the counselor that her spouse has threatened to call the police to deport her if she decides to leave him or to stop working and bringing money into the home. Sarah shared that she has experienced years of emotional and physical abuse. She has felt manipulated and stuck in life. The counselor worked closely with Sarah to understand the full impact of the relationship, provided her with the psychometric test, and evaluated collateral information.


Common Symptoms That The Person Seeking VAWA Experiences

  • Increase level of anxiety.
  • Depression.
  • Problems focusing and concentrating.
  • Difficulty making decisions.
  • Negative flashbacks.


Please know that we are not attorneys and do not provide legal advice. Our role is that of mental health professionals in providing immigration evaluations.

If you have been a victim of physical or emotional abuse and are pursuing a VAWA (Violence Against Women’s Act), please contact our counseling office. We offer immigration evaluations in English and Spanish.

Working With Dr. Juan Santos

Dr. Juan Santos is a licensed professional counselor and the owner of Santos Counseling PLLC. He was born in the Dominican Republic and relocated during his adolescent years. Dr. Santos is bilingual and fluent in English and Spanish. He has years of experience working with immigration cases that include: U Visa, VAWA, Cancellation of Removal, Waivers, Hardship Waivers, and more. 


  • Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor.
  • Dr. Santos provides training to clinicians and psychologists across the U.S. focused on conducting immigration evaluations.
  • Dr. Santos completed his dissertation with a specific focus on conducting immigration evaluations and strengthening his skill in the area.
  • Has presented on the topic of immigration evaluations at webinars, universities, and national conferences.
  • Dr. Santos has been featured on a podcast with a focus on conducting immigration evaluations.
  • Certification as a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor.
  • Certification as a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional.
Juan Santos Greensboro Therapist at Santos Counseling Near Greensboro, NC

If you have any questions about the immigration evaluation please call 336-663-6570 or email [email protected]. We are here to help.