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10 Relationship Questions That Take You From Stuck To Connected

Questions that help couples improve their relationship.

 When couples seek support from a marriage counselor, the meeting right away takes place with a form of Q and A. Questions and Answers. The counselor asks questions about the relationship.


  • How long have you been together?
  • What milestones have you achieved together?
  • What are your strengths?
  • Why are you here?


The couple during the meeting take part in the Q and A process by asking questions aimed to address issues and improve the relationship. The questions include:


  • Why did my partner cheat?
  • Why can’t he just understand me?
  • Is something wrong with me?


The purpose of questions is to establish a form of understanding and interaction. To get two people to sit down and gain clarity. Below is a set of questions. BUT… Before you dive into the questions, I want you to work to acknowledge the following.


The questions only work to support your relationship if you are willing to listen to your partner, lower your guard, and maintain a big picture idea that the conversation is focused on improving your life and the relationship. As you answer the questions give your partner honesty and kindness. Try to remove defensive walls and open the door to vulnerability and accountability.


Questions that help couples go from stuck to deeply connected:

  1. What is your love language?

  2. What was your favorite date that we ever had?

  3. What are 5 strengths you see between us?

  4. What is your favorite sexual memory of us?

  5. If you could be any character in a book who would it be and why?

  6. What is your favorite memory from when we were dating?

  7. What are three things about me that first attracted you?

  8. If you could plan the perfect date with me, what would it be?

  9. What is in your bucket list?

  10. What are three things about me that drive you nuts?

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