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Ways To Build Trust In Your Relationship

How does trust impact your relationship?

Trust can have many definitions. It can mean that I have confidence in your ability to treat me with kindness, respect and mutual regard.

Acts that promote trust can include:

  • Sharing the things that you do throughout the day.
  • Including me in intimate parts of your life such as your personal thoughts and feelings.
  • Sticking to your word.
  • Being honest and showing up.

When working with couples, I find that their must a conversation about trust. What does trust me to you? What does trust mean to your partner? After you have created the definiont, continue to develop a foundation around it. Connect and grow with your partner in a way that opens the doors to identify how life experiences have impacted the definion of trust.

Below are 3 key areas to explore as you journey forward and build trust and connection.

  1. Define What Trust Means to You:

Start with “What does trust mean to me?”

  1. Trust Yourself:

How can you expect yourself to trust someone else if you are struggling to trust yourself? Everything has a starting point. With trust, it starts with you.

Ask yourself “Can I trust myself?” If so, “Why?”

Create a list of why you can trust yourself. Allow this list to define what trust means.

  1. Where Do The Trust Issues Come From?

Have you ever wondered why you simply have a hard time trusting others?

It can be a difficult question to answer. Trust is often linked to experiences and interactions. The link can be found in areas such as history of abuse, social rejection, self-esteem, and other phases of life.

Start with the question, “where do my trust issues come from?”

Ready to see how counseling can help you build trust in your relationship?

Below are two videos that help you understand how building trust can help relationships.