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Ways To Build Connection and Lasting Love

Building connection and lasting love take work.

You can go from being stuck and disconnected to having the relationship you deserve.

When helping couples that want to transform their life and relationship, one of the first items discussed is the definition of love. It is vital to acknowledge that love, is an action. When relationships experience issues or challenges it is often due to a lack of action. Partners slow down past patterns that directly strengthen the relationship. A reduction in dates. An increase in conflict due to feeling disconnected from each other. 

There are ample topics that can be covered when it comes down to transforming relationships. To help couples build connections and lasting love. Among them is balance and taking action to spend time together.

Couples that desire a healthy and lasting relationship should spend time together. Engage in activities, and get to know each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Spending time together will directly bring you closer to your partner. It’ll reduce the distance and diminish the tension. 

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As you take time to increase interaction with your partner, to increase togetherness. Find space for balance. The term balance can relate to chores, expectations, or life goals. 

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Below are 2 videos that help couples with spending time together and creating balance.