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How Habits Can Impact Your Marriage

How Habits Impact Relationships

I once worked with a couple who truly struggled at releasing past habits.

One of the partners really had a hard time with naming calling. They would use derogatory names as a way of pushing buttons. The partner receiving the names would feel:

  • Hurt.
  • Belittled.
  • Humiliated.
  • Attacked.

And in many ways scared as to how the name-calling may impact the future of the relationship.

I trust that no one wants a long-term relationship with someone who speaks to them in a negative fashion.

Our past habits are often tied to some sort of experience or event in our life. Something may have taken place during your adolescent years that impacts you today. Or an experience in the relationship could be catalysis.

In this example, the couple had a rough history. A history filled with up-and-down cycles that continued to hurt the relationship.

Name-calling started as a cry for attention. Then push buttons. And finally, it hit home, as a habit.

A learned behavior that slid past the tongue without recognition.

If you are experiencing conflict or difficulties in your relationship due to past habits or issues reach out to our counseling office today.

I want you to consider what your negative habits are. Take time to explore the questions below.

  • What are my triggers?
  • What am I working on?
  • What personal behaviors negatively impacted me in the last conflict?
  • What personal behaviors negatively impacted me in the last conflict I had with my partner?

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