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How To Support Your Partner With Family Challenges In Marriage

How To Support Your Partner With Family Challenges In Marriage

Do you experience family challenges?

Have you had issues in the past as a couple about family dynamics? For instance, maybe you and your partner cannot eye-to-eye on how to handle events with the in-laws. If your partner can’t handle a visit with in-laws right, it can cause conflict in the relationship. Eventually, it will lead to disrespect, tension, and other negative issues. Instead of fighting, you need to focus on what you can do and how you can shift your reaction.

Communicaton Skills

If your partner doesn’t feel respected by the in-laws, then it can be a challenging conversation. You still want to visit your parents, but your partner is having second thoughts. However, it would be best if you didn’t force your partner to be in a situation where they feel disrespected. Instead, we want to look for practical and healthy communication skills like eye contact, listening ears, and utilizing our heart. Share with your partner your thoughts in a kind, supportive, and healthy way. For example, you should share with your partner that there’s tension. So, that way, you can create a plan. The plan will support both partners, and everyone will see improvement in their mental health.

Family Gathering Strategies

Here are some strategies: fake phone calls. Your partner can go outside and take phone calls to get some fresh air during the family gathering. Another idea is heading to the family gathering early so you can choose where you sit. You can also get there early and find a parking spot that allows you to leave during the family gathering and grab something. That way, your partner can get some fresh air and feel mentally better. Plus, your partner can avoid conflict and tension within the family system

Conflict Resolution

When navigating family conflict, it can be tricky. However, you don’t want a family conflict to get in the way of having a healthy marriage. That’s why it’s essential to create healthy ways to respect each other and resolve conflict. Plus, we need to be continually improve our communication skills and learn more about conflict resolution. If you are looking to learn how to navigate conflict in a healthy, constructive manner, you can check out my course, Create Healthy Ways To Respect Each Other And Resolve Conflict In Your Relationship

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