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Habits of Productive People

Making your bed every morning.

  • Making your bed will give you a very similar satisfaction to that when you enter a space and see everything clean and organized. In addition, it will provide you with a boost in self-esteem, self-management skills, and self-worth.

Exercise for 15 minutes each day

  • It’s only 15 minutes. Exercising continues to be identified as a means to making you feel healthier and better about yourself.

Make a To Do List

  • Create a list of tasks, chores, responsibilities to accomplish on a day to day basis.

Dress Professional

  •  I don’t expect you to put on a suit and tie. Simply put on something that makes you feel important, needed, valued, and ready to take on the world.


  • For parents: You may find that treating yourself means a mini-vacation without the kids. Drop your babies off at a relatives or local daycare for a few hours. Go out to a local Starbucks or even a day-spa. When you are there, please do not think about your child. They are okay.
  • For 9-5 workers: Use one of those PTO days you have been saving. Or after work do something that you desire to do but are typically “too busy for”. The options are endless. I really want you find something that will bring a smile and sense of relief to your face.
  • Kids-Tweens- Teens: Give yourself a break from the school work. Treat yourself to an hour of video game time or a delicious bowl of ice cream.
  • Take a much needed nap. You are not too old or too busy for a well deserved nap. Wake up revitalized and focused.


Follow the 80/20 rule

  • Work on allocating 20 percent of the day for yourself. This means practicing self-care, gratitude or mindfulness.

Be Mindful with Multi-Tasking

  • I find that taking on multi task can be helpful in forcing one to learn the skill of balance. However, following one task at a time tends to produce results that are more effective and efficient.


Create a System

  • Productive people tend to have a system that they follow. The system includes daily tasks that the person is able to check off and accomplish. System help people with focus and retention while decrease distraction.


Technology Time

  • I encourage people to practice removing smart devices one day per week. I call it the freedom zone. Try logging off from your smart device(s) for 24 hours. See what it feel like…


Journal Writing

  • Recording your thoughts provides a means to reducing stress and organizing tasks. The brain, with the utilization of a journal, has an outlet to manage worry, mental health concerns, and practice mindfulness. 
  • Start journal writing Today 
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