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10 Questions That Help Relationships Heal After An Affair

10 questions that help relationships heal and recover after an affair


One of the most important components of healing and recovering from an affair is partnership. Two people being willing to have conversations about their past, present and future.


During the process of healing and recovering after an affair you will find yourself seeking answers to questions. It is that during this process couples should find time to communicate. To find answers to the questions that support the process of healing. As you continue to read, I am going to share questions that help couples heal. Questions that work to bring two people together.

Below are a set of questions that should be practiced often in order to support and aid the process of healing. If the answer is YES or NO, find out why. Always work to go deeper into the question in order to have a plan that connects you to your partner.


Together review the questions and find time to explore them:


For the first one, I will share with you a simple walkthrough that you can utilize for guidance.

1. Did you feel loved by me this week?

  • Yes.
  • Could you share what took place this week for you to feel loved?
  • This week, you took time out of your day to speak with me. On Monday, you texted me several times asking about my feelings and how my day was going. I truly appreciate that you take time to seek me and to ensure that I am doing okay. When you do this, I feel wanted and loved by you. Thank you.


If you notice in the sequence of responses, it is important to allow yourself to be vulnerable. To share how your partner shows love and how that action makes you feel. Doing so will work to nourish your relationship as you continue on your journey of healing and recovering after an affair.

2. Did you feel connected to me this week?

3. In what ways can we improve the relationship?

4. How are you feeling this week?

5. What are you thankful for today?

6. What is one task that we can accomplish together this week?

7. Do you feel that the relationship is balanced in respect to chores, tasks, time spent together?

8. Are the love languages being met?

9. Did you feel valued this week?

10. Do you feel that we set enough time for each other this week?


The process of healing and recovering from an affair is not one that should be taken alone. To heal the relationship. To allow new growth to take places and old wounds to heal. You and your partner should find commitment. A way to come together and heal.

I wrote the book, Re-Building Us: A Guide To Healing And Recovering After An Affair. To help couples join hands in the journey.

Healing and Recovering After An Affair