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3 Relationship Tips To Transform Your Relationship Today

Do you want a successful relationship?

To have a healthy and successful relationship it is vital to show up with a willingness to learn, grow, and work. To learn how to do things that are needed to create success and foster a healthy foundation. To grow during the difficult moments and the good ones. To show up each day with the mindset of working on the relationship.  


4 Relationship tips to use today:

1. Listen to each other.

Listening extends beyond eye contact. When you are with your partner take time to use eye contact, shift your body towards them, use non-verbal gestures like nodding your head, and summarize statements.

2. Mutual goals.

Each month take time to write down goals that connect to personal, work, and family. Do this activity together as a way to connect and purposefully live life together. As an example, you could have the goal of running together 3 times a week for 30 minutes. Following through with the activity provides you and your partner with time together and the satisfaction of achieving a mutual goal. It’s a great way to support each other while building a life together.

3. Put your phones away.

This may be simple, yet it’s a very common issue in most relationships. A couple shared with me experience. The person shared that while in bed, their partner was next to them on their phone. Their partner was on the phone roaming. Looking at social media updates. The issue wasn’t what the person was doing, it was what they could have been doing. Imagine if that moment removed the phone. If during that moment the couple was able to remove the phone and replace it with the conversation.  A space to share thoughts and feelings. To discuss their goals and so forth.

4. Acts of kindness.

Try having goals to meet each day with a focus on providing your partner with acts of kindness. An act of kindness can include bringing your partner coffee in the morning or cleaning their car. As a tip, explore giving your partner 5 acts of kindness for one week. At the end of each day see how acts of kindness make you feel and your partner.

Are you ready to try counseling?

Working with a counselor can be a great start if you independently want to learn how to be the person you desire to be in your life and relationship. Or if you want to try it with your partner.