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How To Be Present In Your Relationship

I often encourage couples I work with to focus on listening. To focus on what’s in front of you. For couple’s this lesson is vital to the success and growth of the relationship.

Let’s look at a simple and often overlooked example.

Think about the last time you went on a date.

  • Did you spend any of the time distracted by your phone?
  • Did you spend time daydreaming on an external subject? Maybe work or family related?
  • Did you find yourself focused on something external?

Next time you go on a date, I would love for you to focus on the person in front of you. I’m sure your partner would also love this. 

As a professional counselor that specializes in helping couples create lasting healthy relationships, I created the Marriage Preparation Course. A course that provides couples with ample opportunities to learn how to be present in their relationship, work through conflict, and build the foundation to a loving relationship.

One primary intention of this course is to help couples create the foundation that fuels a relationship with harmony and connection. This course helps partners prepare for marriage through the application of guided lessons and exercises. The premarital course is a series of lectures and guided activities that help couples prepare for marriage and their future together.

What’s included in the marriage preparation course?

The course includes 4 lessons and 6 exercises. The lessons are divided into 9 guided sections. 2 Bonus materials are included as well as a copy of Mr. Santos latest relationship book Couples Workbook: Making Your Relationship Work.




My wife and I enjoy the outdoors. Our dates take place at parks or walking through trails. We spend time talking to each other. Talking about what we see or how we feel. By focusing on each other and what’s in front of us, we are genuinely closer together and more connected.

In all honesty, it wasn’t always like this for my relationship. Just like your relationship, my relationship has and will continue to require work. I cannot begin to tell you how many times in the past, I picked up my phone on dates or found myself daydreaming about what I forgot to do at work.

The important factor to remember is that relationships require work. Get your hands dirty and focus on the person you love.

The Marriage Preparation Course is founded on the principle of “work”. Helping couples work to build a healthy loving life together.

In addition, to focusing on today, I also want to stress the importance of eliminating toxic topics during cohesive moments.

Below is a list that helps couples focus on the present and have healthier dates.

  • Create a rule that phones must not be present. Unless it’s an emergency related matter.
  • Play games on dates that focus on learning more about each other. For instance, 21 questions.
  • Have dates at different settings.
  • Switch off on who picks the date.
  • Spend time post the date reflecting on your experience with your partner.
  • Express gratitude.
  • Express approbation.  


From Juan Santos “I believe a nourished relationship will lead to a successful marriage. My hope is that this course helps to create the most beautiful definition of love and happiness that you have. My wish is to inspire you in growing and nourishing your relationship each and every day.”

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