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How To Create The Best Relationship

How Couples Counseling Can Help Your Relationship

Conflict Resolution Strategy For Couples

The codeword activity reduces conflict and improves communication.

Every successful relationship needs a code word that screams compassion and respect. A code word helps couples gain control over their emotions and practice empathy versus hurting each other.

The more couples use the code word, the less frequently the unhealthy conversations took place. Each person develops self-control because of a powerful code word. Each person began to understand just how destructive the relationship was becoming.

Like positive habits and changes in life, the code word created a system that allowed for a healthier relationship to take place. If you are struggling with having “healthy conversations” in your relationship, consider implementing a code word. Try it out. See what happens.

Listening runs parallel with healthy conversations. Listening is an extremely difficult skill to master. It requires that one put aside their lecturing focus and intently focus on what the other person is saying, feeling, and presenting.

It requires that one does not think of what one wants to say while the other person is speaking. It requires practicing empathy while listening. Listening is in my opinion, one of the most important skills that parents can acquire to build a healthy lasting relationship with their partner.


Below are 3 ways that you can practice listening while building a healthy connection with your partner.

3 Ways To Get Better At Listening In Your Relationship


1. When listening to your partner, do your best to focus on what your partner is saying. Actively practice being genuine and reflective instead of focusing on what lecture should be given.

2. Help your partner understand that you are not here to judge but to listen and support. Partners then reduce communication and interaction because they feel that each conversation will lead to some sort of judgment or argument.

3. Reduce power assertive statements. These include “do it because I said so”. Statements like these lack respect, connection, and emotion.


Relationship counseling is designed for couples seeking to create a partnership that is strong, healthy, and realistic for marriage. One primary intention of this relationship counseling is to help couples create the foundation that fuels a relationship with harmony and connection.