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Ways To Break Bad Habits In Your Relationship

Habits are what make or break a relationship.


I want you to think about the positive moments in any of your relationships and consider what led to them.

You will find that what creates positive moments in relationships is the habits. There are positive and negative habits. The positives improve the relationship. The negatives create slowly chip away at the foundation of the relationship.


4 Habits to practice in your relationship include:


1. Be willing to engage in personal work.

Over 90% of the couples that I work with experience struggle in their relationship because of finger-pointing and a lack of ownership. The habit to incorporate here is the discipline of engaging in ongoing self-work. Find a counselor, read a self-help book, and always look inward first before pointing the finger.


2. Having more difficult conversations is a must.

The negative habit of this is to put things under the rug or to avoid the tension. I encourage you to practice recognizing issues in the relationship as issues and treat them with the respect they require. This can be done by creating opportunities to talk about difficult conversations that can lead to healing and growth in the relationship.


3. Create boundaries in your relationship.

Without a doubt educate your partner on what your boundaries are, why you have boundaries, and how the boundaries impact you.


4. Practice kindness daily.

This is one of my favorite habits to incorporate into my personal relationship. Acts of kindness can be found in just about every space of life. From taking out the trash to sharing words of kindness.


I hope that you found the four positive habits helpful. Contact us if you are ready to remove negative habits and drastically improve your relationship.


Reducing Bad Habits In Your Relationship

  • Does your partner use hurtful words to push you?
  • Does your partner stir conflict?
  • Is your relationship hurting?
  • Do you want to help your relationship?
As a professional counselor, I work with struggling couples who need help overcoming emotional challenges. Relationship counseling is designed to be a constructive space focused on the very goals that bring you to counseling. Together, you can work with your counselor to improve connection, and communication, and rebuild key elements of your relationship.
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