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Tips for newlyweds living together

Helping couples establish a smooth transition when living together is a must have. When two people make a mutual decision to start a life together, it’s beyond a big deal. Two people sharing a common space is a recipe for something beautiful if properly addressed.

As a relationship counselor, I help serious couples and newlyweds establish the needed foundation to a lasting healthy marriage. The relationship course, strives to help couples who are planning to get married or who are already engaged and wish to learn the building blocks to a successful happy marriage.

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A manual for couple’s living together is vital to the longevity of the relationship and your nerves.

  1. Do NOT make important decisions alone. I often find that couples need to have a long and deep discussion pertinent to examples of “decisions that should not be made alone”.
  2. “Take one for the team”. My coaches used to always say that statement. It wasn’t until I moved in with my wife and married that I honestly understood its significance. There will be times in your relationship that you will simply have to suck it up and do what is best for the team and not you.
  3. Give each other space. Just like in the number one, I think it’s important to create a definition to what “space” means and how it should be provided.
  4. Do not compare. Just because your friends or your parents seem to be living a certain lifestyle does not mean that you are doing something wrong. In the relationship course for newlyweds, there is a section that focuses on decreasing comparisons and highlighting each other’s needs.
  5. Learn to communicate over the big and small topics. Communication is an important factor that brings couples into my office. Talk with your partner on what you like and do not like.
  6. Discuss chores/tasks/responsibilities. Create balance and respect.
  7. Discuss money. Are you a saver or spender? Go beyond the discussion in hopes to further understand each other.

Conflict will be a part of your relationship and will certainly pop its head out during the transition to living together and starting life.

I hope that this reading has provided you with insight. If you would like to build foundation for your relationship please feel welcome to reach out to me or start one of the relationship courses found HERE

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