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Ways To Stop Fighting In Your Relationship

You’ll Likely Get Separated If Fighting Continues

Couples that argue or engage in hurtful conflict are more likely to experience emotional pain or feelings of insecurity.

Partners that struggle with respect and boundaries are more likely to low Tolerance for one another.

Consider how much you love your partner. Consider all the work that has taken place to nourish the relationship.

If you want to grow and nourish your relationship, you must also be willing and committed to work. It takes a lot of time, patience and commitment. The time that has many up and down moments. Patience that may cause feelings of frustration or irritability to spike. Moments are beautiful and well, those that are not so great to remember.

The magic question is always simple.

How can we have a successful relationship while understanding that conflict will take place?

This question needs have a starting. A point that is marked with respect, empathy, and commitment.

Respect is highlighted when you are able to practice self-control. The control of understanding that you may want to yellow say something nasty. Yet, you have self-control. The power to stop.

Empathy is highlighted when you are able to understand that your partner, the person you love, is experiencing pain. They are hurt. They are struggling. Empathy allows us to stop reacting and instead understand.

Commitment is strongly associated with the core of successful relationships. It’s the one puzzle piece that maintains involvement in the relationship.

Commitment, Empathy, and Respect are educational components that are taught in the Relationship Building Course. CLICK HERE to explore the course.

The activity below is entirely dedicated to helping couples learn how to shift conflict to something more positive. The activity helps couples learn that conflict can lead to a positive outcome.

Creating a word that highlights stop. A Code Word. I assume that you are a driver or have ridden in a car before. The stop sign that sits at the end of most roads is very loud. It sticks out. It has a few basic messages:

  • Please Stop
  • Practice Safety
  • Be Cautious
  • Pay Attention


Below is a video discussing the code word activity