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7 Ways To Be A Friend to Someone with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Hi, I’m Amber and I would love to work with you in navigating Autism. Beyond a doubt, I believe that you can live your best life. I want to share with yo 6 ways to build an AWESOME friendship with someone on the Autism Spectrum. I hope that you find it helpful as you move forward in life. If I can be of help to you please feel free to call 336-663-6570 or email me [email protected]

1. Start From A Place of Compassion.

The best way to be a friend to anyone is by being supportive and developing a strong relationship. So, don’t be afraid to ask your friend with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder), “How can I be a better friend?”


2. Practice Patience.

Be patient while having a conversation by giving them time to answer. Some individuals with ASD may use an assistive communicative device or PECS (picture exchange communication system) to communicate. Individuals with these alternative communication systems may need time to process what you said and then need time to answer. Please be patient!


3. Choose To Be Supportive.

Always strive to be encouraging and compassionate. Even the small things, like making eye contact in a conversation or responding to your question is something to acknowledge. Saying comments like, “Thank you for listening,” or “I enjoyed talking to you” are great ways to show the individual your appreciation of them and it encourages them to continue talking to others.


4. Find Common Ground.

Learn about their interests and hobbies and try to find common ones. There is no set interest or hobby that all individuals with ASD enjoy. Ask them about their favorite games, sports, TV shows, or activities. You may discover an activity that you’ve never heard of and may enjoy.


5. Practice Understanding.

Don’t be offended by the lack of eye contact or the lack of understanding personal boundaries. These are common challenges individuals with autism often experience. If they are in your personal space, you can kindly remind them to keep their space.


6. Be Present and Purposeful.

Stand up for your friend. If someone is bullying them, take a stand. Ending the stigma against individuals with autism and other people with disabilities benefits everyone.

7. Learn and Grow

Take time to build education. There are ample resources around that can help with understanding Autism. Everything from common symptoms to personal stories.

Paying For Counseling

Counseling payments and insurance can be difficult to understand. Amber is out of network, which allows her to provide therapy, without having to meet certain insurance requirements. Such as shorter session time or a reduced amount of therapy sessions allocated.

Amber can provide you with a superbill, this is a document that allows you to use your out-of-network benefit. This often helps with providing you a reimbursement from your insurance company.

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