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How Online Counseling Helps Couples

Have you ever wondered why you can’t have a happy relationship?


You walk down the street, and see happy couples passing you. As each couple passes you wonder, why not me.

As a relationship counselor, I want to share with you that you can have the relationship you deserve. You can shift your mindset and transform the relationship and life that you have.

One of the key reasons that couples struggle to have a happy and successful relationship is because of focusing too much on the problems.

  • There are 24 hours in a day.

If the majority of the hours are consumed with problems, then your mood will be impacted. More than likely when you are in the midst of problems, you’ll notice that your stress is high. That you are depressed, anxious, or simply not feeling stable and happy.

On the other hand, when you are NOT focused on the problem, you are focused on other things. You are focused on living your life, going on dates, and having fun.

At the time of this article, there is a strong outbreak of the COVID-19 taking place in North Carolina. Our office, Santos Counseling PLLC, continues to be present and connected with the Greensboro, NC and surrounding community. Our counselors joined forces to create a list of 4 at-home date night ideas that couples can engage in.

We want to share with you that our office, Santos Counseling PLLC, continues to offer in office counseling as well as online counseling. Online Therapy takes place over a secure video and chat platform. You are able to engage in online counseling while being in the comfort of your home.

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As a counseling practice, we are here to be with you during this time. We acknowledge that there is an increase in time spent together with families and couples. In essence, we are spending a lot of time at home.

You may find yourself spending a large amount of time with you partner. During the time spent together, take time to practice any of the 4 at-home date night ideas. Versus focusing on problems.

4 At-Home Date Night Ideas To Spark Your Relationship

  1. Have a living room party that involves blankets, pillows, and building a fort. If you have kids, involved them. If not, turn up the heat a little bit. Create a fort and have fun with each other.
  2. Backyard campout. Turn your backyard into a mini camp site. Together, set up a tent, grab smores, maybe a fancy drink, and make it happen.
  3. Play a board game together. For my wife and I, the board is scrabble. We wait until the kids are in bed, then we open up the box and start playing. To some reading this, it may not sound sexy. Yet, to us, it hits home. Find the board game that speaks to your relationship.
  4. Create a bucket list. This is a really fun activity that can even take place during an online counseling session. Last week, I was having an online counseling session that focused on creating a bucket list for personal and career goals. Over video, we met and started brainstorming the items that each partner wanted to include in the bucket list. We then took time to explore how to support each other during the process of reaching the items on the bucket list.