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How Using Values Can Improve Your Mood

Santos Counseling is offering online therapy to support during the COVID-19 crisis.

The CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) is impacting the Greensboro, NC and surrounding communities of North Carolina. The counselors of Santos Counseling PLLC came together to explore how our office can continue to be with you. To explore online therapy or face to face counseling click here.

The first item that we want to share is that we are offering online counseling as well as continuing to provide face to face counseling. If you choose to visit our office, please know that we are doing our best to maintain cleanliness.

All furniture and tables will be regularly disinfected throughout the day. Santos Counseling PLLC is asking all staff members and patients who are experiencing a fever, trouble breathing, or symptoms connected to COVID-19 to reschedule appointments and take the necessary actions.

The office will have hand sanitizer available. Santos Counseling PLLC staff will not be engaging in physical touch such as hugs or handshakes with patients. This precaution is aimed to keep everyone safe.

With the news and impact of COVID-19, Santos Counseling PLLC wants to share what measures we are taking to ensure safe practices.

Our office wants to extend support beyond the counseling office. We understand that due to the COVID-19 there is an increase in levels of stress and worry. We understand that you may not be living your life in the same manner as you once had been.

A key area to that can help with managing stress is understanding the impact of values. During this time, most of us in the community have been encouraged to stay at home and reduce contact with persons. The advice is aimed to reduce the risk of COVID-19.

The issue that may take place is that due to the change in lifestyle, you may find yourself not living your same life.

The topic that I want to share with you today is connected to values. When we have values in our life, we have purpose. We have a reason for living which directly promotes feelings of satisfaction and fulfillment.

Today, I want you to consider your values.

Write down four values that you feel you live by. As an example, let’s say that one of my values is religion. The next step after identifying the 4 values is working to understand how the value comes to life. As an example, If the value is religion. The value can come to life when you go to church. As you go to church, you feel that you are living a life of purpose. You feel happy because you are actively connecting to your value.

With the COVID-19 your life may be out of order. It is critical that during this time, we find alternatives to connecting to core values versus letting go of core values.

The counselors at Santos Counseling PLLC, are here with you. We are available to connect with you and support you in the office or in the online space with online therapy.  

To speak with one of the counselors call 336-663-6570.

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