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What Is Depression Therapy

What Is Depression Therapy


Are you struggling with understanding your depression?

Depression Therapy can provide insight and guidance in understanding your symptoms while providing clear black and white ways to overcome the negative symptoms.

At times, it may be difficult to pinpoint the exact trigger or reason why you are feeling sad or experiencing quote on quote depression. As a professional counselor who works with persons struggling with depression, I find that evaluations can provide understanding to the depth and severity of depression.


Symptoms of depression can be experienced emotionally and physically. If you are struggling with depression, you may have experienced the following physical symptoms.

Common depression symptoms:

  • Crying or wanting to cry but not being able to
  • Muscle tension or aches
  • Little to no energy
  • Hand tremors 

If you are new to counseling or the field of therapy, check out the video below. It goes over what to expect in your first session. In this case, your first session for depression therapy.

Depression Therapy

Depression Therapy

In your process with evaluation, take time to answer or review the following:

  • When was the last time I felt depressed?
  • What is my definition of depression?
  • What causes me to feel sad or depressed?
  • Have I tried depression therapy?
  • What do I normally do when I am feeling depressed or sad?


As you review and evaluate each of the questions above, you should find answers. The answers can provide further understanding in the triggers that escalate sadness or the coping skills that address depression.

Depression Therapy can help by providing coping skills:


Depression therapy can help by providing coping skills. The coping skills are used as a type of therapy for anxiety and depression. Below are coping skills to address depression:


  • Practicing deep breathing
  • Creating a to-do list focused on organization
  • Spending time with peers
  • Engaging in fun or pleasurable activities
  • Taking breaks from work
  • Taking breaks from social media
  • Going for a jog
  • Exercising 3 to 4 days per week


A common question asked is, when should someone seek depression therapy for counseling?

Certain levels of depression or symptoms of depression can be normal. For instance, if someone close to you passes, you may find yourself feeling sad. Levels of sadness can be okay if they do not impact psychological functioning or your ability to engage in normal day to day activities.

However, when you experience the following depression symptoms, it’s recommended to seek a counselor.:

  • If you experience suicidal thoughts or thoughts associated to self-harm.
  • If your anxiety or depression is impacting your ability to work. This can be noted if you can’t concentrate at work and have noticed a decline in your performance.
  • If you are using drugs or alcohol to manage the anxiety or depression symptoms.
  • If you feel that you are worry too much.
  • If you do not know how to support yourself and would like recommendations.
  • If you notice that the anxiety or depression is not going away.



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