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Depression Therapy Triggers and Coping Skills

What is Depression Therapy?

Are you struggling with depression?

Have you considered seeing a counselor for depression therapy?


Therapy for anxiety and depression can help individuals understand the symptoms associated to depression or anxiety while creating healthy coping skills. At Santos Counseling PLLC we offer counseling in Greensboro and Winston Salem, focused on talk therapy for depression that is considered one of the best therapy for depression.


In the office we work on identifying core symptoms that are associated to depression. The symptoms to depression may include:

  • Feeling sadness more days than not
  • Having trouble sleeping
  • Isolating yourself from peers
  • Decreasing social interaction with peers
  • Experiencing low grades or performance at work
  • Finding yourself less interested in previously pleasurable activities
  • Experiencing negative or bad thoughts


Below is a video focused on negative thoughts:

As you gain further understanding in your depression symptoms and associated anxiety symptoms, a sense of confidence will take place. The confidence is found in feeling secure with understanding the depression.


Depression therapy can help by providing coping skills.

The coping skills are used as a type of therapy for anxiety and depression. Below are coping skills to address depression:

  • Deep breathing
  • Creating a to-do list
  • Spending time with people that you enjoy
  • Spending time engaging in fun activities
  • Taking mental breaks
  • Reducing social media or television time
  • Going for a walk or bike ride
  • Exercising


Therapy is a treatment for depression aimed at increasing awareness and providing appropriate coping skills.


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