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4 Bad Habits To Break This Year

Bad Habits to Break for 2018


Habits can do just about anything for our mood. Consider having the habit of cleaning your room daily. This would mean that you could come home to a clean bedroom. A bedroom that looks as clean and tidy as that of a 5-star hotel. Your mood may shift to feel organized, satisfied, and happy. All because of one small desirable habit.


On the other end, negative or bad habits can hurt. A habit like skipping exercise, can promote the development of fat, lethargy and feelings of insecurity.


This year, try on addressing these 4 habits.


Living on autopilot.

Being unmindful is sort of like living on autopilot. It’s a habit that inclines our behavior to not engage in activities that highlight mindfulness. When we are on autopilot, we can miss a lot of great changes or potential opportunities that are taking place.


Negative comparisons.

A bad habit that we may face is that of comparing oneself to others. This habit is one that should be recognized as it can lead to issues with self-esteem, self-confidence and insecurities. Teens often struggle with insecurities and building irrational comparisons with others that promote feelings of sadness or worry. Click Here for ways to help your teen with anxiety and depression.


Avoiding problem.

Problems can be difficult to face. When those problems create emotional tension, they are often even more likely to be avoided. The habit of running away from problems is one that can lead to immense emotional pain.


The A plus student.

Success has many definitions. The idea of being perfect can create stress, problems with sleep, irregular changes in appetite, and more emotional difficulties. If you find yourself seeking absolutely perfectionism, take time to evaluate the term balance. Learning and growing are fundamental parts of life. Teens can learn to build a healthy relationship with academic performance with the teen therapy group. Yet, the two components should be evaluated as they may impact our emotional stability. 


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