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What’s Your Teen Doing This Summer?

What’s Your Child Doing For Therapy?

Starting in May 2021, two groups will be starting for kids and teens. The group registration is open giving you time to prepare, sign up, and get everything ready ahead of time.

Santos Counseling PLLC holds Teen Therapy Groups and Kids Therapy Groups. The groups help those who struggle with emotional difficulties build self-esteem, overcome challenges, learn healthy coping skills, and more.

Your child experiences pressures from school, making certain grades, being included, learning to express themselves, and more. The therapy groups bring like-minded participants together. Relationships are built. Laughter takes place and lots of moments of growth.

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The group is ongoing with a fee of $40.00 per group session.

The Teen Group meets weekly – Saturday’s 

Therapy for kids in Greensboro, North Carolina

Therapy Works!


Common reasons to start therapy:

  • Emotional difficulties include anxiety and depression
  • School performance issues
  • Low mood or sadness
  • Bullying
  • Peer pressure


The goal of the teen therapy group is simple. It’s to help your child overcome emotional challenges and build coping skills along the way.


I love working with teens, tweens, and kids.

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How does the Teen Therapy Group Help Teens?

The group consists of 6 teens. Not too many, not too little. Just the perfect number to have enough space for each teen to feel that they are connecting with the therapist and with the other teens.


The teen group teaches the following principles of counseling:

  • How to understand triggers that cause emotional challenges.
  • How to create coping skills to address the triggers.
  • Ways to build healthy relationships with self and peers.
  • Ways to overcome current challenges.

As the teen therapist in Greensboro, I do my best to support teens in sessions and outside. This means that I understand how to communicate with teens. It’s one of the reasons why I love working with teens and why the teen therapy group has so many success stories.

As you consider the teen therapy group, please be mindful that participants must register first. Click Here to learn more about the group.

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