The group is currently closed.

Starts – Saturday, June 3rd, and runs for 4 weeks. From 2 to 3 PM. Registration is OPEN. Ages 10 to 13.  The fee is $50.00 to hold registration spot and $150.00 collected during the first session.

About The Tween Therapy Group…

Tween Therapy Group In Greensboro, NC Helping Anxious and Depression Teen.

Research shows that group therapy works.

The therapy group is about giving your child a space to feel empowered, have fun, and remove the stigma of mental health.

Why kids keep coming to group therapy:

  • Improve confidence and communication skills.
  • Learn productive ways to address challenges.
  • Increase self-esteem and emotional intelligence.
  • Learn how to develop healthy friendships.

Meet the group counselor, Amber Bliss

Greensboro North Carolina Counselor

Hi, my name is Amber Bliss.

I am so excited that you are considering group therapy. I promise that it will be fun, you’ll meet some pretty cool people, and learn lots of helpful tools.

There will be 6 participants learning and growing together. Group therapy is, in my opinion, an amazing environment that helps kids come together over common issues and gain confidence!

As a therapist that works with kids, I tell parents that the benefits of group therapy start with a spike in energy. Kids experience a change in mood that helps them in learning about their mental health difficulties and build coping skills. 

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Kids therapy group in greensboro, north carolina.

11 Benefits To Group Therapy For Kids

1. Structured environment

Group therapy provides an open setting giving people space to address problems and work on goals. The structure provided by group therapy starts with an introduction in order for everyone to get to know each other. As sessions move forward in group therapy, participants navigate varying topics ranging from understanding deep-rooted issues, building coping skills to overcome challenges, creating healthy habits, and more.


2. Group therapy builds confidence

Often people enter group therapy with a feeling of being alone in their struggle. For instance, feeling that you are the only person that is struggling with negative thoughts. Group therapy helps people build strong connections and relationships. You are able to acknowledge that you are not alone and in a constructive space where you are supported. Over time self-confidence begins to improve.  


3. Learning to be comfortable

What’s beautiful about not speaking during group is that you are building a boundary. You are understanding when you do and do not feel comfortable sharing your thoughts and feelings. The group helps people build strength in being okay with not sharing. Versus having this immense pressure that they have to share how they feel.


4. Building healthy boundaries with group therapy 

I like to think about boundaries as the fence to your yard and what you decide to let in. Often people struggle with saying no and building healthy relationships. Group therapy helps because it teaches you how to implement boundaries in your life.

Sessions focus on providing clear examples of what boundaries are and how to implement them in your life. With boundaries, the group teaches individuals how to manage emotions in a manner that connects to respecting personal needs, being respectful of personal needs, learning what empathy is and how to utilize it in life.


5. Group sessions mimic real-world situations

What I love about group therapy is that we get to utilize real-world situations. This teaches individuals how to engage with life in a healthy manner.

Imagine being in group therapy and sharing a struggle that you have. During the session, you are able to share your experience with what took place. Together, we work on learning and growing from it. While understanding that the growth that takes place from the group therapy works to make life so much easier.


6. Group therapy is different than individual therapy

You probably already know that there is a difference between group and individual therapy. The key difference that provides benefit includes knowing that you are not alone. It’s a beautiful feeling to know that a struggle you are experiencing is not yours alone to carry. The group provides space where you don’t have to carry pressure alone. You don’t have to be alone.


7. Group therapy gives space to build relationships

There is ample research that shows the positive impact of having a support system. This basically means that we feel better when we have people around us that support us through the ups and downs.

Group therapy provides the opportunity to build genuine relationships. In the years that Santos Counseling PLLC has provided group therapy, we continue to see relationships being built. People grow and create positive improvements in life.


8. A space with support and relaxation

Group therapy provides a space where you feel supported and comfortable. There is no need to speak. There is no need to feel that you have to meet a certain expectation. Group therapy starts with everyone coming together in having similar challenges and goals. The sessions in group therapy move forward with learning and growing without the pressure of meeting certain expectations.


9. Group therapy is enjoyable and interactive

Yes, it is full of fun and energy. The therapy group holds space for learning in all ways. Together we focus on hands-on activities, educational lessons, and learning through humor.

At the end of the day, we are all agreeing to be in the group together. Let’s do our best to have fun and share laughs while overcoming challenges.


10. Group therapy reduces isolation

People often start group therapy for different reasons. Some it’s to build skills in learning how to address deep-rooted challenges that impact behaviors and thoughts. For others, it’s a focus on finding a space where they will not be judged, attacked, or criticized. Group therapy provides people with a supportive space aimed to build compassion and acceptance.

How often do you feel alone with your struggles? It’s common to feel alone when going through challenges in life. An internal feeling that creates thoughts aimed to make you feel as if no one is going through what you are going through.

Group therapy gives you something new. A space that right away allows you to gain perspective in knowing that you are not alone. Often when we feel we are not alone; we shift to increasing our level of openness. Group therapy helps people know that they are not alone and are in a space of compassion and support.


11. Build social skills with group therapy

Group therapy helps people learn how to communicate in a constructive healthy manner. What this means is that you will learn how to share thoughts and feelings without bottling them up and develop coping skills that help to reduce stress.

Typical group therapy sessions involve a comfortable space for engaging in conversation without feeling pressured to. The space helps people learn to build strength and comfort with their emotional expressions. This becomes a skill that you can use in and outside of sessions.