Group Therapy Helps Teen With Anxiety and Depression

Why group therapy?

The Teen Therapy group is the perfect place for teens seeking a safe space to build a support system, gain coping skills and connect. Groups create an incredible support system for to connect to other people going through similar challenges. In group, you don’t have to go through your trauma or difficult experience alone.

Groups allow connection to take in ways that often are rare to experience. For instance, teens get to connect with other teens who have shared a similar experience or situation. This helps teens realize that they are not alone and that they can move forward with confidence and empowerment.

What does a typical group session look like?

Right of the bat, it’s going to be a little weird. But, in the best of ways (smiley face emoji). During our group sessions, we sit in a circular format as this allows teens to have a voice, break the uncomfortable ice, engage in conversation, and most importantly connect!

The group is limited to 6 participants. 6 Awesome Teens!

This allows teens to have space to talk, build “meaningful relationships”, and gain coping skills aimed to overcome challenges.

Everyone in the group will have a fair chance to engage and share. This is not a group environment that’s going to push participants to share, instead, the focus is on “interaction and genuine connection”. For instance, what typically takes place is that a teen may share a difficult experience. From their disclosure, conversation and interaction begin. Before you know it, the group is fully engaged. Communicating and connecting in such a meaningful way.

This is a great fit for teens experiencing: sadness, low self-esteem, bullying or difficulty controlling worry or stress. If your teen finds it difficult to overcome adversity, to accept him/herself, or to view themselves in a positive light join the Teen Therapy Group.

This group creates empowerment among teens by helping them overcome falls, gain support and skill to improve self-worth and confidence.


As the facilitator, my job is to engage with the group. Build value and interaction with teens as they share experiences and overcome challenges. Connection is an important competent to the group as people in general tend to feel more supported and empowered when connected with others. Lastly, have fun. This is supposed to be a fun & supportive environment!

Is group therapy right for my teen?

As the facilitator, I make it a priority to screen applicants. This allows for issues like “what if someone in the group is in my class” to be addressed prior to the first meeting. The screening process helps the group succeed by ensuring the participants are appropriately placed.

This is the right group for any teen who has ever said…

  • “No one understands me”
  • “I’m ugly”
  • “No one gets me”
  • “I feel everyone judges me”
  • “I’m not good enough”

Can’t wait to see you!


Take care and talk soon,

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Juan Santos is a Licensed Professional Counselor and book author.

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