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Relationship Tips For Busy Parents

Are you a busy parent?

Are you In a relationship?


I get it. I’m a father of two and a husband. My kids at times are like these never tiring little humans that require every ounce of devotion.

My daughter is 5 years-old and my son 3 years-old.

As a relationship counselor that is here to serve Greensboro, NC. I share a little bit of my story to hopefully relate with you! 

There are ways to connect with your partner while still being an awesome parent. I know that for me at times it’s the feeling of, should I be out on this date versus at home with the kids.

Ways to overcome the shame of going on dates as parents:

  • The more energy that you have the better of a parent you will be. Going on dates and taking time to improve your relationship directly helps your personal self-care.
  • Acknowledge that your child wants a happy parent. Your child wants to see their parent(s) flourish. Going on dates with your partner is providing just that.


Ways to find time to build your relationship as parent:

  • Create a schedule. Each week, find time with your partner to pull one hour out of the entire week that is just for you two. 
  • The time that you are together must be purposeful. Next time that you are physically in the same space with your partner, try just a little bit harder to build connection. This can be done by asking emotionally driven questions. Like, what is something that made you feel special today?
  • While away from your partner, take advantage of acts of kindness or supportive gestures. This can include (a) texting your partner sweet messages sharing just how important they are to you, (b) leaving your partner a positive sticky note in their car, so that the first thing they see as they enter the car on the way to work is connected to you, (c)  send your partner a funny scene from a movie midday, as a pick me up and a good laugh.
  • Take time to explore questions that can nurture the relationship. For relationship questions that you can discuss click here


The video below goes a little bit more into detail on the topic we are discussing.


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