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How To Give Your Partner Healthy Space In The Relationship

How To Give Your Partner Healthy Space In The Relationship

Providing your partner with space means that you are able to support your partner as they pursue their independent interest.

As a relationship counselor, I try to guide couples to think back to the early stages of the relationship. 

  • Do you remember what you did before you started your relationship?
  • Do you remember what type of activities or interest you engaged in before the relationship? Or even during the early stages of the relationship?

Sometimes two people fall in love and slowly lose connection with their independence. This can be seen as the purpose of being able to provide your partner with space. Giving each other space or a platform to engage in enjoyable activities independently improves emotional connection. Giving each other space can be addressed by understanding verbal and non-verbal space. To learn more about providing space check out this video.

Think about it this way.

If you partner told you that they feel great when they get to go out on Saturday’s with their friends to play soccer. That the activity really helps them clear their mind and reset. 

  • Would you want to support your partner?

I assume that the answer is a hard, YES!

Yes, because supporting your partner with this activity means that you are also supporting them with self-care. It means that you want your partner to have fun, to build a strong sense of pleasure and self-confidence. 

This is why giving each other space is so important. It directly helps to improve your relationship.

Here is one key piece of advice.

Sometimes people skip right over this one.


As a whole, their must be some sort of communication that takes place regarding this topic. The conversation should highlight a sense of what this reading covered. For a supportive reading that goes over communication questions that can help improve relationships click here. If you would a little help please feel welcome to reach out to me by clicking here.