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Ways Counseling Can Help

Much of what takes place in a counseling session revolves around questions and answers. Asking questions that allow the person to gain self-awareness in respect to how the person lives their life. As a counselor, I love working with people through the therapeutic technique of questions.

Below are examples of questions that can create understanding and emotional improvement.

Describe a great day. What made this day special for you?

This question aims to identify if you are experiencing positive days. If so, you can use the information from the question to build ways to continue having great days. If the answer came short, you can use your support system as a helpful tool. For instance, you can ask your friend or parent to describe a great day and what made it a great day. See if their answer helps you in achieving a great day.

What lessons have you learned in life that really stick out to you?

In my opinion, lessons have way of helping people move forward with ample opportunity for direction. Take time to write down the lessons that you have learned in life. After you have your list, analyze to see what you did to gain the lesson and to use the lesson in life. As you move forward, take with you the lessons learned.

What challenges have you overcame in the last four years?

Think long and hard about your challenges. What did you overcome? How did you do it? What did you gain or lose? Each challenge in life, provides growth and nourishment. This question is aimed to allow you to understand your specific personality and skills that attribute to overcome challenges. Personally, I love reflecting on my patient’s personal challenges in life. It’s a way to understand that he/she can move forward as they have done so in the past.

Write down three things you are grateful for?

When you answer this question, do not stress if the response is simple or mundane. Search for any positive aspect of your life that you feel gratitude. This question helps to increase happiness and fulfillment. After you have answered the question, take time each week to reflect on what you are grateful for.

What acts of kindness have you practiced this month?

A simple, yet profound question. It really takes a conscious effort to engage in an act of kindness for someone else. Take time to reflect on this question. The goal here is to move forward in life with kindness. As a homework to this question, I want to encourage you to engage in five acts of kindness. Let three be to those who you love and care about. The other two to random persons you encounter in life.


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If you are a parent that wishes to build a strong and healthy connection with your teen. I want to encourage you to engage in the practice of the questions above. Plan out a nice afternoon date with your teen. Maybe at the local Starbucks. Ask questions. Get to know your child. If you want to explore what counseling has to offer, please call 336-707-1723


If you are interested in the teen therapy group, please call to register. The group runs each Saturday from 9 AM to 10 AM.