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How Counseling Helps Married Men

Men deal with relationships often in a different way than their counterparts.

Often when I am working with a couple, I find that situations take place in the relationship and each person has their own interpretation of what took place or how it made them feel.

This year, I created a counseling group for married men. The group is aimed to help married men learn how to build themselves into the ideal husband that they desire to be.

Past group participants that have been in the group reached out for support with:

  • Learning how to communicate with their partner.
  • Learning how to manage their emotions.
  • Creating ways to share how they feel in a manner that makes them comfortable.
  • Building trust and commitment.

As a relationship counselor, I help struggling couples find happiness. This group started as a recommendation from a past client who shared a desire for space where he and other men could connect on common ground. The common ground of wanting to work on becoming a better husband.

If you are a married man and are looking for a place that can help you become a better husband. A place that can help you learn how to effectively communicate with your partner, share your needs, and work towards building a successful marriage.

This group is the perfect place.

To maintain privacy, the group is small. The max number of participants in the counseling group is 6. Each time that the group meets, it will be for one hour. The space is relaxed and will have light snacks provided.

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