3 Ways To Build Trust In Your Relationship

Ways To Build Trust In A Relationship

Today, if you rated the level of trust in your relationship from 0 to 10. 10 being the highest, what would the answer be. As you evaluate the answer, take time to identify why the answer is what it is. For some, the number may relate to positives in the relationship. Such as time spent together. While for others, the number may relate to issues in the relationship. Such as building trust after an affair. 


3 Creative ways to build trust in your relationship


1. Engage in small actions.

Each day take time to actively connect with your partner. This shows that you are present and purposefully trying to improve the relationship. When you are in a relationship that has space for feeling connected, you’ll likely notice that you experience a positive level of trust.

Positive acts that build trust in a relationship include: 

  • Writing love notes.
  • Creating an item for your partner.
  • Doing an act of service.


2. Talk about trust in your relationship.

This may seem like a simple strategy and hopefully, it is. The purpose here is to spend time together talking about the subject of trust. As you talk about trust, you will feel that your partner is invested and interested in you. CLICK HERE for a supportive read on creative ways to improve your relationship and build trust.

Questions to ask your partner to build trust in the relationship:

  • What makes you feel secure in the relationship?
  • What past acts developed trust in your life?
  • What past acts hurt trust in your life?
  • When trust is hurt, what is your process of rebuilding it?

3. Watch the video below for more support on improving trust in your relationship.

This video like those that follow focuses on implementing strategies to your relationship. Each strategy or exercise discussed is aimed to provide education and proactive change. Education is simply knowledge. We must take into account that utilization and implementation of education is how we can make changes take place. In addition, this video like those that follow focuses on increasing connection in the relationship, addressing areas of difficulty, and growth. An additional resource for relationship trust is found HERE. A podcast episode focused on building trust.

Once you start the video it will walk you through ways to build trust in your relationship. 

Video on ways to build trust in a relationship




Are you ready to start relationship counseling?

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