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5 of The Best Relationship Tips To Practice

5 Relationship Tips To Practice Today


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1. Accountability directly improves your relationship.

This practice takes place when you are able to accept your actions, behaviors, and words. Often when this is not done, hurt takes place. Such as, knowing that you behaved in a negative manner.

Accountability in a relationship takes place when you feel that you have engaged in negative behavior. Such as name-calling or not remaining committed to something that you have said. At this point, you are able to reframe from blaming. As blaming would directly hurt the relationship. Using accountability means that you are able to own up to your actions.

2. Align your life to nurture the relationship.

Take time to consider ways you can align your life together. Such as, connecting on values and building mutual goals that move your forward together.


3. You do not have to be everything for each other.

The concept to be everything is often challenging and not realistic. For instance, we cannot be our partner’s therapist, their foot doctor, and their spouse.

A simple activity that can help to align your relationship is that of taking time to nurture your values. Most people live their life in connection to their values. Such as, a person that values wellness will take time to exercise or engage in some sort of physical activity during the week.

In your relationship, take time to identify one value that you can agree on. The next step is to find ways to make the value action-oriented. If we use the example of exercise, the couple can plan to work out together or go on a walk.


4. Focusing on the positive over the negative.

Often what hurts couples is the need to stop living life until they are able to address an issue. For instance, a couple may experience hurt during an argument. They then decide to stop dating, stop being kind to each other, and wait until the issue is addressed. This in turn stops the relationship from moving forward.

Practicing appreciation daily.

When you take time to appreciate your value, you are developing a deep level of respect and love. Practicing appreciation can include using statements and actions such as those below:

  • “I really love when you take time to hold me.”
  • “Thank you for listening to me.”
  • Completing chores without being asked.
  • Write your partner, a thank you note.


5. Understanding yourself so that you can get out of your own way.

To create a healthy and successful relationship, there must be personal work. This means that we take time to focus on personal growth. Ways to work on personal growth include:

  • Working with a counselor.
  • Using a journal.
  • Joining a gym or actively nurturing physical health.
  • Working with a career or life coach.