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Relationship Book And Activities For Couples

Relationship Book And Activities For Couples 

Relationships are bound to face obstacles.

  • How are you overcoming obstacles in your relationship?

The couple’s activity below is a shorter version of what will be in the book “Couple’s Workbook: Making Your Relationship Work“.

During this activity, you and your partner are to spend time going through each of the statements below.

If you feel that any of the statements listed below negatively impact your relationship, put a checkmark in the blank.

Post the activity, you and your partner are to analyze each of the checkmarks with the goal focused on a solution.

Start the relationship activity:

  1. ___ unfaithful
  2. ___ conflict over money
  3. ___ conflict over household chores
  4. ___ intimacy
  5. ___ different interest
  6. ___ problems with sexual relationship
  7. ___ acceptance
  8. ___ feeling lonely
  9. ___ being criticized
  10. ___ feeling judged
  11. ___ trust

For instance, If I checked “feeling lonely”. My goal would be to explain the following to my partner:

  • Why I feel lonely?
  • Examples of past times I felt lonely.
  • Actions (verbal and nonverbal) of my partner that trigger feelings of loneliness.
  • When was the last time I did not feel lonely?
  • What was the relationship like when I did not feel lonely?
  • What can my partner do to aid me in not feeling lonely?

Post the evaluation of the questions above, focus on growth by identifying areas of improvement. For instance, if my partner engaged in (a) increasing conversation during the day (b) increasing physical attention by kissing and hugging more often. I would in return work towards feeling wanted, valued, and overall less lonely.

Again, the goal is to acknowledge that relationships have problems. Couple’s should focus on evaluating problems and shifting to work on solutions as to how together the problems can be resolved.

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