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Love and Politics: How Politics Impact Relationships

How Important Is Politics In Relationships?

Today I had the privilege of being interviewed by News 2, reporter Carly Fynn Morgan, with the subject on “ The Politics of Love: Choosing a Partner Based on Party – WFMY”


As a relationship counselor, I strongly believe that similarities aid our ability to grow closer together. It’s the same reason why parents spend time engaging in activities that their kids like to do.

When partners are on the same page, they tend to be more understanding towards each other.


Politics is a tough subject.


Consider turning on the news. With the recent shooting, you can scan through just about any social media site and note the differences from one side to the other. When partners have differences, there tends to grow this opportunity for conflict.


If the conflict is not addressed with empathy and understanding, then distance can take place. Before you know it, couples can shift from conflict to using demeaning words and having less tolerance for each other.

In therapy, the goal is to help couples understand similarities and differences. To grow together through the practice of empathy and understanding.


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Mr. Juan Santos is a professional counselor, relationship course creator and book author who specializes in relationship stability and understanding separation indicators. He has conducted hundreds of couples counseling sessions. He is the author of Relationship Building Course, Marriage Preparation Course, and Couples Workbook: Making Your Relationship Work.

There will always be differences and similarities between you and your partner. That is a given. You may find that you enjoy video games while your partner prefers reading books. You may find that your partner has a stronger connection to the value of family while you hold a deeper connection to the value of honesty.

Relationship counseling can help couples understand how to identify their differences and similarities. The purpose of gaining this type of insight is so that you and your partner can avoid potential pitfalls. Take into consideration an issue such as politics. This is the very issue, I was interviewed for. You may find that you and your partner simply do not agree. And, you know what? THAT IS 100% OKAY. 

It is! 

Instead of fighting over the differences, simply learn about them. Learning provides understanding which leads to empathy. When we are able to feel a level of empathy the gloves come down. Less fighting and conflict will take place. An increase in boundaries will replace the conflict. The boundary may be one that is clear, such as not mentioning the subject while at the dinner table. Or having a code word when words shift from respect to disrespect. 

Differences are not always meant to push people apart. Similarities are not always meant to pull people together. It is much more complex. The defining piece is the people. 

You and your partner. 

Relationships that are healthy, are healthy because two people have made a decision to work on their relationship. 

Take a look at your relationship. Are you completely connected? Are you waking up yearning to kiss and hold your partner? While away from your partner are you constantly thinking about them with a deep desire to hold their hand or share an intimate kiss? 

I built the relationship building course to help couples get to a deeper level of emotional connection while addressing common pitfalls that lead to divorce. In the course, you have my complete session platform broken down into modules that are video, audio, and hands-on worksheets. In addition, you get to spend time with me in a one-on-one setting. This helps us target your specific relationship goals and current issues you are facing. 

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I look forward to meeting you and your partner!