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Where did you get your relationship training?

This is the question I ask couples. It’s a pretty good question If you truly take time to think about it. Most people receive their relationship training from parents, the media, or life experiences.

  • Upbringing
  • The Media
  • Life Experiences

Consider your parents. People often say that a person ends up seeking a partner that in some way highlights their parental figures. I personally have found that my wife and my mother relate in many ways. Each kind yet strong.

We often seek partners based on social norms or basically what we see in the media. Consider movies like the Notebook. You have this character who literally goes his entire life loving that one person. It’s a level of love that pulls us in. I know that I personally cried when seeing the film. It’s a perfect representation of how the media influences and even educates us in the area of relationship building.

The final way that we gain training in relationship building is in life experiences. This is a bit tricky here because the experiences can be learned or just made up. Some people wing it if you will. They simply just try to make it work and come up with ideas. On the other hand, people can gain training through role models in life or educational literature.

The basic message that I want to get across is that it’s okay for you to experience difficult moments in your relationship. It’s these very moments that provide us with the opportunity to think and to say, “hey you know what, maybe I don’t know everything there is to know here”.

As a relationship counselor, I help couples in my office and through the relationship building course. If you desire to improve your relationship explore the Relationship Building Course HERE



The Relationship Building Course is designed for struggling couples seeking to overcome challenges in the relationship. The course helps couples create a partnership that is strong, healthy and realistic. The course covers topics that help to improve the success of relationships while evaluating common topics that if not addressed create tension and disconnect. Participants should expect to gain the ability to overcome relationship issues that are associated with the risk of divorce early in the marriage.

The course offers hands-on guided exercises, audio lectures, and video support. The goal is to strengthen your relationship. To help you and your partner overcome the very challenges that are hurting the relationship while learning to use strategies that build a healthy partnership.

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