How To Be A Team In Parenting

Are you and your partner creating a teamwork approach to parenting?

Developing a parenting philosophy is one of the keys to creating success in parenting. The parenting philosophy is what will guide you and your partner to parenting. Today, try to speak with your partner about the development of a parenting philosophy. Once the philosophy is developed, implement it daily and have a system to evaluate its effectiveness.

7 Ways To Support Your Partner In Parenting


1. Learn how to be present.

Meaning that you are stopping and focusing on the here and now. You can do this by going for a walk alone and using that time to be patient with yourself. This is a space that you can create with the support of your partner.


2. Create values to align with your parenting philosophy.

Begin by writing down a number of values that you would like to instill in parenting. Next, develop specific actions that connect to the values. The goal is to ensure that you and your partner are aligned.


3. Learn how to be empathic in a way that it’s not draining on you.

It’s vital that you develop awareness when it comes to putting your needs too far down the list. With your partner create space to talk about your needs and wants and how each can support each other with honoring that.


4. Learning to say no.

Parenting can be difficult and exhausting. As such, it’s important to communicate with your partner about the things that you are simply not able to do or do not have the energy to do. For example, if you feel that homework time pushes too many buttons, try finding an alternative. Such has hired a tutor.


5. Praise your partner and the kids.

When was the last time that you provided your partner with words of love, kindness, and affirmation? Make it a goal to provide your partner with daily words and actions of appreciation.


6. Take breaks together.

I worked with a couple that had a wonderful tradition. Once a week they would have a parent break day. It was a day focused on self-care. They would do things like get ice cream or watch a movie. The focus was always on taking a break from the daily work of parenting. I want to encourage you to set up a schedule that is realistic for your relationship. Use the time to take a break.


7. Have healthy expectations.

It’s important that you and your partner have clear, healthy, and realistic expectations when it comes to parenting. Sometimes we may want our child to go to bed at 7:30 PM only to find that it’s 8:15 PM and they are saying “I’m not tired”.