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Strategies That Improve Relationships

Relationship Strategies To Practice

What are you doing to take your relationship from being stuck to deeply connected?

Our office helps couples create positive shifts in their relationship with our online counseling and face to face counseling services. Changes that result in feeling valued or understanding how to finally reach a point that you can effectively communicate. Building a healthy relationship is not a walk in the park. The same could be said for having the body of your dreams.

It takes a lot of work and dedication to enter the gym, push through the exercises, and maintain consistency. Yet, people do it every day as long as their goal is connected to having the body that they desire.

Do you desire a healthy relationship?

Do you want to feel connected to your partner?

Do you want to learn how to heal from the past and enjoy the present moment?

How would your relationship change after just one session with a counselor?

6 strategies that you can start practicing today to take your relationship from stuck to deeply connected:

  1. Share the things that you do throughout the day.
  2. Including your partner in intimate parts of your life such as your personal thoughts and feelings.
  3. Couples that create values and understand how to implement the values in the relationship can prioritize what is important while decreasing discontent and disconnect. As an example, a person who values communication in their relationship may prioritize having a daily conversation with their partner focused on intimacy or if emotional needs are being met.
  4. The key to a healthy relationship starts and ends with work. Love, according to its context, is a verb. A verb represents action. When I work with a couple, I share this same basic message. Consider waking up each and every day with a shift in mindset. A shift that requires you to view your relationship or marriage with work.
  5. I strongly advocate for acts that create connection, support, and overall improvements to the relationships. When working with couples in online counseling sessions or face to face, I notice that connection creates love. One of my favorite strategies to share with couples that I work with is growth. Take time to communicate with your partner about the beautiful moments of your past. Explore fun and enjoyable memories. Doing this simple mindset shift will push you to feel better and react better to your relationship.
  6. In relationships, we need to do our best to monitor our individual levels of tolerance in order to be the best version of our partner. When life gets in the way or work becomes the main priority, the tolerance meter is impacted. You may find yourself low on the meter, meaning that you feel tired or irritable and are more likely to behave negatively. Do your best to practice self-care and maintain a healthy level of tolerance. Doing so will allow you to manage conflict and interactions in a healthy manner.