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A Book That Saves Couples Struggling With Infidelity

Affair Recovery Exercises For Couples

Your relationship can heal and recover after an affair. That’s the truth. The key is found in the ability of the couple to do the needed work. 

After the affair, it is vital to join your partner in the healing process. This can be challenging. During the process do your best to:

  • Not attack each other.
  • Give the process plenty of time.
  • Hold ownership of your actions. This requires integrity and full honesty.
  • Time apart to process and heal.
  • Act engagement in healthy living. This includes journal writing, exercising, and maintaining engagement in daily activities versus the act of pausing your life.

Infidelity Recovery for Couples

Infidelity is one of the leading causes of divorce and can be a devastating experience.

This book is interactive in nature as it holds you and your partner responsible for completing each page of healing after an affair. Together you will take on the journey of healing and recovering. Page by page, you will uncover the stages of infidelity and give birth to a loving and compassionate relationship.

Here’s what the book can offer you:

Learn how to understand the phases of infidelity.

• Understand the root cause of the affair.

• Rebuild your relationship.

• Restore trust.

• Work through conflicting emotions.

• Experience vulnerability.


Recovering from an affair is a process that couples can take. In the beginning, you will notice an increase in emotional reactions. This can come in the form of anger or lashing out. You may find yourself struggling to focus and keep up with the task that you were doing prior.

Understanding, the process of healing and recovering after an affair can help couples reach a level of stability in their relationship. An additional tool for healing after an affair is the affair recovery exercises. CLICK HERE to learn more about how the tool can help with affair recovery.

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The book shared in this post, encourages you and your partner to read and tackle each page. You are able to understand why the affair took place and how to support each other. If you have experienced an affair in your relationship, try the Rebuilding Us book