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How Counseling Can Help With Thinking Errors

Do you struggle with negative thoughts?

Do you have bad thoughts or find yourself thinking differently than other people?

Thinking errors can be defined as the way we look at the world and how our mind develops thoughts, feelings, and actions. A thinking error can start when a person cognitively blows things up.

This type of thinking error is called, blowing things up.

Imagine if tomorrow you are walking down the street while enjoying your cup of coffee. As you make a turn, you accidently spill some of the coffee on your shift. This leads to certain thoughts taking place.

The thinking error in this example, can manifest or begin to take place when the person has the following thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

  • I hate that I spilled the coffee.
  • My entire day is ruined. I’m clumsy.
  • I’m going home and doing nothing the rest of the day.

In reading the statements above, you can notice how the person engages in the thinking error of blowing things up and their entire mood is impacted.

At this point, you may be wondering why thinking errors take place. The reason is broad. It can be due to development or even certain life experiences. As an example, a child that grows up a home where they see their parents engage in the same type of thinking errors likely to do the same in life.

Below is a video that goes into thinking errors.