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Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day Under $100 | Healing Relationships

Happy Valentine’s Day!

No matter what you are going to do on Valentine’s Day, these 7 date ideas are sure to spicy up your romantic life and help connect you and your lover on a more profound emotional level.

1. Pedicure and Manicure Combo

Check out your local nail or spa salon for a couple’s package. Go for a pedicure while she enjoys a manicure, you’ll be sure to stay under the $100 mark. While ensuring that you and your Valentine are having fun.

2. Start a Tradition at Home

Make this Valentine’s Day a little bit different by creating a new tradition. Instead of going out, decor your home. Buy the foods you want, the decorations that will spark your romance and be ready for a hot night.

3. Role Play with cocktails

Meet your lover at a local bar or pub. Try on a new identity and watch the evening lead you and your valentines to a night cap. Prior to going out tell your valentines about the idea and be sure to drive separate. If you need to practice before hand, you really want to have a sharp hold on your character.

Check out Modern Family star Phil take on the role of Clive!

4. Create a “Romantic” Coupon Book

Come up with some erotic and favorable IOU’s that you can add to your coupon book. You can include erotic massages, date nights, foot rubs, and more. Add an expiration date no later then one year (Feb. 14 – 2017).

5. Take a Bath

Not just any bath! Take a bath that really pulls you in. Buy your favorite wines, finger foods, fragrances, candles, and anything else that will build to the experience. Dim the lights. Add music. See what happens next…


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