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What To Expect In Couples Counseling?

What to expect in couples counseling?

Couples therapy is probably a little bit different than what you are imagining. It’s not a low-lit room with an old person staring out at you asking “so how does that make you feel?”.

You are not yelling and raging back and forth with your spouse or partner. There is no referee in the middle pushing you two away.

Couples counseling, marriage counseling, relationship help or support- whatever the name – is simply two people who truly love and care about each other asking for assistance. Two people learn that there are a few things here and there that they want to overcome in order to “get back to loving each other”.

If you think about asking for help when you are stuck, “it’s no big deal”. You simply visit your primary physician and receive the support that you are looking for. Couples counseling is pretty much the same thing.

Common reasons couples seek counseling include:

  • Time spent together. “He is always working or spending time with his friends”.
  • Sex and intimacy concerns
  • “I just can’t let go of the past. He cheated.”

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Marriage, companionship, and/or relationships are not always as easy as most make them out to be. Often time it can be plain difficult, leaving you feeling distant and disconnected from the person you love and care most about.

You might feel enclosed or trapped in a cycle of hopelessness, fear, and anger. You might also experience emotional distance that mirrors mistrust or betrayal. Yet you remain committed to the path that you and your loved one have taken.

Couples counseling aims to identify “what the problems are” and how you two can find a common solution to move forward.

“My clients enter separated and leave united”.

What Should We Do Next?

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