How To Fight Less and Love More In Your Relationship

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How are you addressing problems in your relationship?

Loving each other more is far better than fighting with each other.

As a relationship counselor, I strongly advocate for acts that create connection, support and overall improvements to the relationships. One of my favorite strategies to share with couples that I work with is reflective growth.


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3 Mistakes That Hurt Relationships

3 Mistakes That Can Tear Your Relationship Apart

All relationships are vulnerable to toxic mistakes that can create hurt, pain and even lead to separation. Even strong and healthy relationships are susceptible to leading two people apart.

Below are three mistakes that should be avoided at all cost.


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The Key To Building A Healthy Relationship

Learn How To Create and Sustain a Healthy Loving Relationship

The key to a healthy relationship starts and ends with work. Love, according to its context, is a verb. A verb represents action. When I work with couple’s, I share this same basic message. Consider waking up each and every day with a change in mindset. A change that requires you to view your relationship or marriage with work.

  • I must work at having a healthy relationship.
  • I must work at showing my partner that they are important to me.
  • I must work on my relationship.


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Ways Marriage Courses Can Help Your Relationship

Save Your Relationship with Marriage Preparation


My wife and I enjoy spending time hiking and being outdoors.


Our dates take place at parks or walking through trails. We spend time talking to each other about yesterday’s news, today’s events, or future goals and plans.


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