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The Key To Building A Healthy Relationship

Learn How To Create and Sustain a Healthy Loving Relationship

The key to a healthy relationship starts and ends with work. Love, according to its context, is a verb. A verb represents action. When I work with couple’s, I share this same basic message. Consider waking up each and every day with a change in mindset. A change that requires you to view your relationship or marriage with work.

  • I must work at having a healthy relationship.
  • I must work at showing my partner that they are important to me.
  • I must work on my relationship.

Before you dive into the reading, consider how healthy your relationship is.

Are you able to scale it?

Use the quiz below to find out how healthy your relationship is.


After you take the quiz, consider your result? Do you desire to have a stronger and healthier relationship? A relationship that allows two people to share the same values and attitude?

Explore the Relationship Building Course as a tool to strengthen your relationship.

What do you during a conflict?


  • Are you the type that yells and breaks things?
  • Are you the type that remains silent?


Relationships have conflict. When two people come together, they are bound to have at least one area that creates disagreement. When views are not aligned, there tends to be an opportunity for tension to build. Tension then leads to argument and before you can stop, a conflict has arrived.


As a relationship counselor, I help partners understand the dynamics of conflict. I work closely with each side, taking note of similarities and key differences that help the relationship grow and those that lead to conflict.


The relationship building course was designed using the exact methods that I utilize in sessions when helping couples overcome challenges associated with conflict. The relationship course helps couples stop fighting. The relationship course teaches couples how to improve their weaknesses, practice empathy and respect.


One of the strategies discussed in the course is the platform of tolerance. This is the principle that can make it or break it. Tolerance is key to building a healthy relationship.


Couples that hold low tolerance are fragile and likely to engage in conflict. Couples that hold a high level of tolerance are more likely to reach a higher level of love, intimacy and satisifucation in the relationship.


This is due to the principle itself.


When we have low tolerance for a person, we are likely to say something mean or explode by breaking an object. On the other hand, a high level of tolerance allows plenty of room for disagreement without it leading to a state of conflict.


If your relationship is hurting, I want to encourage you to explore the relationship building course.


Click Here to Learn more about it.

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